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CASI Level 3 Course

The CASI Level 3 Instructor certification is for advanced snowboarders who have passed the Level 2 certification, and have an interest in teaching advanced snowboarders.
The goal of the Level 3 course is to develop a skills-based and situational teaching approach for high-level snowboarding. Also, an understanding of CASI technique and methodology, and an introduction to instructor training (pedagogy) will be developed. It combines practical snowboard teaching methods, technical understanding and development, as well as development of analysis and session planning skills.
Candidates will receive coaching on their riding and teaching skills, with the goal of reaching the Level 3 standard in three areas: Pedagogy, Freeriding (teaching and riding) and Terrain Park (teaching and riding). They will also receive suggestions and strategies for long-term development. The successful candidate is certified to teach snowboarders up to the advanced level on lead introductory instructor training sessions. Level 3 is a pre-requisite for the Level 4 certification.
The Level 3 course is delivered in two phases: a course phase where material is presented; and an evaluation phase where exams are conducted. Candidates will leave the course phase with clear feedback regarding performance and potential. Candidates must register for the course and exams portions separately, and are encouraged to take the exams at a later date to allow for training and development time following the course portion.