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CSIA High Performance Camp

HIGH PERFORMANCE CAMP - Excellence in Ski Instruction
SilverStar is proud to be the host of the first ever High Performance Camp. This new program is designed to offer high value training to members of all levels with a focus on improving the participants skills as a ski instructor. This event also serves as a starting point for those interested in becoming a demo team member.
Is this camp for me?
The High Performance Camp is for all CSIA members. Participants will be divided into groups by level.
Why should I attend?
The H.P. Camp is an opportunity to develop your skills as a ski instructor by the CSIA’s top trainers.
What’s the goal?
The goal of the camp is to create a common understanding of the CSIA technique and methodologies, learn how to train and potentially gain a spot on the Canadian Demonstration Team 2014.
What is the Canadian Demonstration Team?
By the end of the 2014 High Performance Camp, a set number of participants will be selected as Demo Team members. This team will represent the pinnacle of each level of certification. They will be recognized as the target for all members at their respective levels. They will be used in video, magazine articles, web clips, skiing /teaching tips etc…