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Retro Day

Retro Day

Please note this event has passed.

It's that time of the year again! Go into the back of your storage closet. No... Further than that. See that glowing back there? There you go! That tight, bright, neon, old friend you almost forgot about (how could you). This outfit never forgot you, the old you, the one that used to fit a bit better, a bit less snug. But none of that matters today; today is the day you and your old friend take on the world. Well... SilverStar to be exact. Retro Day is back and It's time to get RADDICAL!

Don't miss our Annual Hero Run and Fashion Showdown where you havve a chance to strut your stuff!

Group Photo and Hero Run: 2:00pm Top of Comet

Fashion Showdown: 3:00pm Village Centre