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Valentine's Day Paradise Camp Dinner Tour

Valentine's Day Paradise Camp Dinner Tour

Please note this event has passed.

Climb aboard the thirteen passenger snow-cat machine Paradise Express and travel from the village center to Paradise Camp, a rustic cabin atop SilverStar’s Putnam Creek.
The Paradise Express Snow Cat requires 10 passengers to operate.


Febuary 14th, 2014


First Seating departs village at 5:30pm,  (should be back for torchlight parade/fireworks)

Second seating departs village at 6:30pm, (may be back for fireworks but not likely—last yr JUST got fw in cat)

Third seating departs village at 7:30pm  (WILL miss back for fireworks etc.)

Fourth seating (ONLY IF NEEDED) at 8:30pm


$20 per person + 5% GST.

Includes a snowcat ride to and from Paradise Camp
Price does not include dinner, alcohol, HST or gratuities.

Additional Information:

For more information or to purchase your tickets, please visit Guest Services and Information Center in the heart of the village. You can reach Guest Services by phone on (250) 558-6019 or email [email protected]