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XC105 November Nordic Festival

XC105 November Nordic Festival

Please note this event has passed.

From November 23rd to 26th, Sovereign Lake Nordic Club and SilverStar Mountain Resort Ltd are hosting events that will convert our traditional ski party into a festival. Fun is the mission, and there are activities for every level of skier from beginner to elite racer.

  • Skiing is still the main event with at least 30km of trails open and set.
  • If you are interested in the latest skis and gear, it is here to demo on natural snow.
  • If skiing is better with beer or chocolate, we have events just for you.
  • If you are a racer, there are four ‘races’ during the weekend: an informal time trial, a headlamp relay, the BeerCanBeiner, and the Turkey Trot. Want to win a prize? Skiing fastest won’t help you this weekend. Some people will try to win anyway, but it takes a dedicated person to ski past a chocolate station at race pace.

Schedule of Events

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