Things have geared up for the outdoor operations crew here at SilverStar, and with tomorrow being the first day of Fall it's not a moment too soon!

After a hot summer the recent moisture and somewhat cooler temperatures have been welcomed by grooming manager Tim McCoy as his team prepares for another season of summer grooming. "The mowing season has begun" comments Tim "The Excavator with the brushing head is working in Bakers Acres and the Snowcat with a Large Mower attachment is starting on North Star. The small mower is also ready to make it's mark" he continued. Some, but not all of the runs Tim's crew are focusing on are:

  • Bucked Off
  • Wee Willie
  • Just Dandy
  • Zyper
  • Nirvana
  • Judd's Run
  • Caliper Ridge
  • Holy Smokes
  • Bon Diablo
  • Gong Show
  • Paradise Glades

In the Terrain Park the motto seems to be "Bigger is better". The crew are using the earth to build and mould natural features meaning less snow is needed to create the jumps we've come to love. "It takes quite a lot of snow to build any size jump, let alone what you'll find in our XL lane in the park - so having the majority of the work done by dirt means more features will open earlier" comments Dustin O'Farrel, SilverStar Terrain Park Manager.

It's not only outside where things are changing at the resort. Ski Dazzle retail is undergoing a facelift with some major renovations - something Kyle de Hrussoczy-Wirth, Retail-Rental manager at SilverStar is very excited about. "The renovations will really open up the store and make it a much more interesting space to showcase some great new brands and lines". Kyle is tight-lipped about the details of the renovation, but one thing's for sure, its going to be a great change!