Part II

Part II of the Bike Park History picks up in 2006 when the next step to expand the park was started. A new and ground breaking double black diamond was started named Pipe Dream.  Designed to be Rock Star’s bigger and gnarlier brother this trail took all the amazing characteristics of Rock Star and supersized them.  A new blue trail was also started in the same year named Shazam that was aimed at filling the gap between the difficulty and size difference between Super Star and Rock Star.  In the same summer Challenger was created to fill the need for an improved Green trail to compliment Paradise.  Each year since creating Challenger, Trail Crew has added one or two new braids of blue to the trail to create the quintessential learning trail.  Next year Challenger is slated to get a full revamp and rebuild by Trail Crew.  Since Shazam was only built from the top of the mountain to Paradise half way down, it was later finished all the way to the bottom of the Comet in 2007. 

2007 was the bike parks first trial hosting larger scale bike events again.  At the very beginning of the ‘07 bike season SilverStar worked with Red Bull and hosted a trail builders competition, a first of its kind, named Red Bull Trail Crew.  This builder competition pitted local trail builders against one another to see who could build the most impressive and fun trail feature.  Held on Double Dog, this event helped give Double Dog the reputation and a lot of the wooden stunts it has today.  The same summer SilverStar also hosted its first Norco rider appreciate day called Norco VPS Fest.

The following summer, 2008, the bike park witnessed the revamping and renaming of the trail Poohs Corner.  Trail crew had the goal of turning the rooty sporadically used trail into a beginner stunted trail with skinnies and teeter totters.  The result of this creativity was LTG, a trail loaded with fun “Low To the Ground” wooden features which has become one of the most popular blue runs in the park.  A smaller project also completed the summer 2008 was taking Dag’s Downhill all the way to the village instead of tapping into World Cup underneath the chair at the Summit rd. step up.


By 2009 the popularity of the Bike Park and number of visitors had increased and the decision was made to upgrade the lift system for biking.  SilverStar purchased 30 more bike carriers for the Comet to max out the number of bike carriers on the lift can fit to be as efficient as possible.  As a result lift lines are held to a minimum due to the fact that every second chair (except one because then you’d have two bike carriers back to back) is a bike carrier so there is minimal waiting, which rocks for locals and visitors alike!  In 2009 Ant Hill Films creators visited the bike park to do some shooting for the film Follow Me.  The guys spent roughly a week loving the berms on Pipe Dream and having a great time.  When you watch the start/opening menu of Follow Me you can see how much fun they had shooting here on Pipe Dream.  The same year SilverStar also hosted its first NSMB AIRprentice event.  The always fun and nefarious characters from NSMB came out for a weekend of shredding with a whole gang of up and coming riders to put them through the various tests to see who would best represent NSMB and join their team.  This has always been a fun time to host these guys and they’ve been coming every year since.

The following season (2010) another rejuvenation of the bike park got started.  SilverStar split ways with Giant bicycles and inked a deal with our friends at Norco Bikes.  It was also the birth year of the bike parks first XC inspired trail named Snake Pit, built to cater to the slightly more XC inclined rider.  Besides Snake Pit the trail crew also embarked on a creation crusade to make a new and never before seen style of trail - Pro Star.  Pro Star quickly captured the hearts of every biker who likes to go big.  The large step ups and step downs were a huge hit with those that had the skill and resolution to enjoy this new line.  

This past season was a tough slog at the beginning of the season.  Never has the bike park been buried by so much snow late in June leading into the bike season.  Trail Crew and Patrol were handcuffed by all the snow and a ton of the work that went into getting the park open was actually just moving snow, by hand and by mini excavators.  After dealing with all the snow work started on the next section of Pro Star.  This new section shared many characteristics of the upper section finished the summer before but also was a unique design and build.  The new line, aptly named Walk the line, has similar big hits but they were designed in succession so you need to nail the jump line by making each transition and carrying your speed into the next jump.  For the riders who want to go big this line was an immediate favorite!


New for 2011 was also a partnership with Fox which is a great fit.  Fox is now the official gear sponsor of SilverStar Bike Park.  The resort also hosted its first large scale slopestyle bike festival.  Camp of Champions were on hand hosting jumping mayhem with their Air Bag, Ryan Leech put on his ever impressive trials show in the village, Norco Bikes visited and showed off all their new shiny toys for 2012 and SilverStar put on a DH race on Dag’s and a highlight reel dirt jump competition. 

Plans for next summer are already being executed and set out.  For example, the park is going to be open late every Friday next summer for extended play!!!!  We are hosting a BC Cup DH race on July 21/22 and a Freeride Mountain Bike Festival August 25/26.  There is still a lot to come for SilverStar Bike Park and it is exciting to work on.  Here’s to looking forward to next summer

Enjoy the ride,