Happy NEW YEARS!  I hope that everyone was able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures over the holidays and taste a bit of the magic that comes along with the festivities.

Since I last dropped in on ye old blog; I competed in a few ski races down in Colorado, did a full overhaul on my sit ski, did a handful of presentations, traveled to Revelstoke and Victoria and got a few great days of skiing in my own backyard.  My holidays were great… but my time at home was brief.

Colorado in December is one of my most favorite places to be… the snow is usually good and pretty much everyone is down there; from the Para Alpine racers to all the freestylers doing the Dew Tour it’s like a big ole reunion. 

It was a frantically busy trip to Colorado this year… with a solid week of training prior to the races followed by 4 straight races (2xGS + 2xSL).  Our whole team did very well and I’m happy to say I won 3 gold and one bronze medal… a great start to the season.  I also had a chance to train in the foam pits at Woodwards and practice flipping in my sit ski!  The foam pit is the first step of progression to bring that backflip onto the snow one day.  Next step is… coming soon.

Returning home for the holidays is a treat, especially since I always put of Christmas shopping off until the last minute… I literally started my shopping at 6pm on Christmas Eve.  I got lucky with my shopping and enjoyed a most wonderful and relaxing Christmas with the family… it was nice.  The rest of my holidays were spent overhauling my sit ski to ensure it can handle the big jumps and high speeds in the months ahead.  I was also working on my website (joshdueck.com) which will be going live very soon.  I so damn excited for the season ahead and really looking forward to being able to share it with you via my webpage… it’s gonna be rad.

Revelstoke was next on my list of places to be.  I had a chance to go to a classic ski bar and do a presentation on behalf of my favorite foundation, Liveit Loveit. This foundation is close to my heart and to be able to share the love and promote empowerment through sport with my good friends is the best feeling.  Thanks to Izzy and Zoya Lynch for making this happen and to all the people for coming out and supporting the cause. 

Back to Vernon for a couple of days… up at the Star riding with friends during the day and spending my evenings downtown at the Best of Banff Film Festival.  It is always great to take in all of the spectacular films that are being played… if you have not been and love the outdoors it’s an absolute must.  The ‘Freedom Chair’ was being played both nights and to see the reaction of the home crowd was amazing – I’m honored and flattered by the support of the community.

Off to Victoria for New Years Eve with my lovely lady and some friends, we went to the most eclectic production I’ve ever seen – it was a cross between Monty Python and SNL gone completely insane.  A brilliant show and a completely ridicules way to ring in the New Year.  However the purpose of going to Victoria was to meet with the Mccoppin Institute to discuss working together in the future.  The meeting went so well that we started to design a forum that both Lacey and I can facilitate together.  Such an awesome concept considering she’s been an integral part to writting the story known as my life.

I made in back home for a night to unpack and repack and have sit down for a community dinner with our neighbors.  The following day I caught a flight to Montreal and drove down to New Hampshire for the US Championships.  I’m excited for an opportunity to ski fast and test my mettle against some of the top racers in the world. 

Stay tuned for all the results and stories from my upcoming adventures to Whistler and Aspen.