Over the last week I been taught a thing or two about "living richly." I am not speaking about wealth - rather I am referring to living life with intent.

This was recently brought on by a couple big lessons on actively pursuing your dreams and doing something about it. Two people - two great examples. Both individual couldn’t be further apart in terms of age and pursuits however both are so freakishly similar in terms of their outlook on life.

The one person is an 80 year old woman who has been driving by herself for the past 17 years into the desert area near San Luis Mexico. Her passion is to become a master-carver. Think about it for a moment; when was the last time you drove by yourself 4,0000KM just do you could feel more complete? Most of us have a hard time rolling out of bed it seems during the winter months.

The other person was on a similar pilgrimage but his journey is to the snow covered cross country trails of SilverStar. In speaking to him you can see and hear the need to feel his skating & classic skis and glide him through the snow covered forest of SilverStar. Like our master-craver mentioned earlier, this person will also drive thousands of kilometers and spend days getting to his winter Valhalla.

Both of these exceptional people left me with a great gift just as I am on the cusp of start of the Nordic season here at the Star. Ski each day with intent - make each ski day the best ever.

Happy trails -