New for 2012 

Even though we’re going into winter and everyone is stoked on the ski season things are already brewing for summer 2012.  To go along with your stoke for winter and the start of ski season here are some things that will accompany that excitement. 


New for summer 2012 – Friday Night Extended play!

Every Friday we will be running the lifts until 7:30pm!!!  That gives you 11 extra nights to ride on top of the classic Wednesday Night Extended Play.  That means two and a half hours per Friday which equates to 27.5 more hours of awesomeness next summer.

Operating dates for next summer

Mark your calendars we’ve got opening dates penned in already!  We’re moving the schedule around a little bit for next summer.  We know people like to ride in September so we’re expanding the season into early September by staying open past Labour Day (September 3) by operating 7 days a week until September 9.  We will still have TWO bonus weekends in 2012, and one will be the weekend after we close for daily operations on September 15 & 16.  However, the other bonus weekend is going to be at the start of the season.  An early bonus weekend June 23 & 24 and then the park will open for full operations 7 days a week on June 29.  The new schedule has the bike park open for the same number of days as last year but in a format that we feel will complement the weather a bit better.  


Full operating dates - June 29-Sept 9, TWO bonus weekends June 23 & 24 and Sept 15 & 16.

More updates and information to come throughout the season!


Enjoy the ride,