Retro Day Radness

Those of you that are unfortunate, or fortunate depending on what I’m doing, to know me are aware that I have a bit of a soft spot for Retro Day dress up and partying. AND tomorrow is not only the second last day of the ski year BUT also Retro Radness Day!!! Group shot at the top of the Comet








The weather is not going to be ideal but hey, when you’re rocking out one piece suits, you can rip in any type of conditions. Check out the amazing video below Progression is Regression to get hyped for tomorrow. My favourite parts of the narration were definitely “The white horse of destiny bucks long and hard for this hombre” and also “…he lives by the philosophy that cotton tall tees kill, and polyester onzies thrill!”.





This write up also serves notice that the Summer Retro Day is set for the last day of the regular bike season Labour Day, Monday September 2nd. I have to believe that us as mountain bikers can give skiing and snowboarding a run for their money when it comes to rocking out and bringing back the old school. Here is an inspiration for you for summer. Plus, if you’re wondering if you get extra points for moustaches and sideburns – darn rights you do!!








See you guys out shredding the slopes tomorrow!