Switching gears (not supposed to be a Dad joke)

Not long ago PB posed a poll, How Do you survive the Off Season?


The biggest response was – “What is off season, I ride year round” and after that the top answer was Skiing closely followed by Snowboarding.  However, I would like to suggest one past time that didn’t make the questionnaire - Nordic skiing.  For all the XC enthusiasts out there Nordic is an awesome way to deal with the lack of pedal strokes you get to take during winter.  It’s an awesome way to get outdoors and it’s an incredible work out.  In fact if you’re looking for one of the best ways to be in shape for bike season next spring Nordic skiing is the answer.  I was surprised by the PB query that almost as many people voted that they hit the gym all winter as people who choose Snowboarding (2055 vs. 2146 votes). 

Nordic skiing is a natural cross over from biking and a great low impact workout and incredibly social.  A lot like XC biking, Nordic is a great group outing of any level of fitness or ability. It’s also a workout that you can do at night (seeing how it gets dark so early) since both Sovereign and SilverStar have lit loops.  Or just use the biking headlights you’ve been using for night XC rides lately. 

A few facts and reasons to give Nordic a try:

·         Cross country skiing burns more calories per hour than any other sport

·         Is an ideal cross-training sport for running or biking

·         Cross-country skiing is one of the most affordable snow sport activities (www.Snowlink.com)

·         Uses natural movements, resulting in a very short learning curve

·         60% of Nordic skiers are women (I only put this in because we all know how male dominated biking is so it’s refreshing to see a female dominated sport)


So if you’re looking for a great workout and something new to try this winter I would highly recommend you give Nordic skiing a go.  Especially if you’ve got kids that you can put in the Chariot and tow behind you.  Definitely one of the top reasons for getting into Nordic would be the fact that we have world class trails right here at our doorstep.  Between Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre and SilverStar there is over 100km’s of Nordic trails here in Vernon.  Sovereign opened yesterday with great conditions and we open on today making a total of 70km of early season trails available.  Hopefully we’ll see you out on the trails.