The month of February was one for the books.  So good in fact we needed an extra day just to fit it all in :)

The backflip was huge in so many ways. 

The accomplishment sits very high in my personal books as it’s been a long standing goal and a task that created a great deal of fear.  In my opinion it was very important to overcome; I’ve learned to live with my physical paralysis but to be paralyzed by fear is no way to live at all.  Most people have looked at this feat as ground breaking, amazing and simply awesome.  There is however a few people that think I’m just crazy though… some people seem to think I have a death wish or that it’s completely unnecessary risk to be taking.  Well allow me a moment to disagree with the naysayers…

… This was a personal quest to overcome some deep-rooted demons that have been floating around since that fateful moment that changed my life nearly 8 years ago; the ongoing internal struggle of ego vs. intuition. 

On paper the flip seemed a simple and in fact a relatively safe endeavor.  The reality was I never been so scared in my entire life.  From the foam pits to the air bag I was sweating and stressing about bringing in onto snow… I kept questioning why?  Why would I do this?  Am I prepared for the consequences?  Answer was simple.  It’s a perfect opportunity to expand what’s possible and to test my instincts in a clutch environment.  You see when I bailed on the front flip years back I went against every stich of good judgment and let my inexperience and ego guide me off that jump.  I’ve learned from my mistakes and speak to my experiences all the time.  When project backflip started coming to fruition it became more than about going upside down, it became the ultimate arena to test my ability to let my intuition guide me.  When the day came to bring it to snow the fear had all but melted away completely; with a team of jump experts, safety personal and a few good folks to capture the day to take care of all the details I was left with the simply focusing on the task at hand.  Here’s a good perspective on the day from my good friends at Skier Magazine.

The next couple of weeks went off, as the whole world seemed to take interest in this project.  Had a chance to catch up with Ellen Degeneres  (believe it or not meeting Ellen was very high on my list of things to do/people to meet).  For a recap of the stories and interviews from the past few weeks please check out my Athlete Page on Facebook .

In the midst of the media storm I was also juggling my schedule with Alpine CanadaWe had a race series in Kimberley consisting of 2 downhill races and 2 Super G races; to say it was a good week would be an understatement.  I was able to use all the positive momentum to my advantage and win 3 of the 4 races.  The race that did not go super well was a result of hitting a huge divot on the track, which ejected me rather quickly from the course.

After the races in Kimberley I shifted gears and did a few presentations in Toronto and Vancouver.  Toronto was for Maple Leaf Foods, a great group of people that make up one the top companies in Canada.  I am still feeling humbled and inspired from my time with Maple Leaf.  If don’t know about them here’s a little piece, that to me defines their integrity and leadership abilities that set a new standard.

Vancouver was a school visit speaking on behalf of WorkSafeBC, educating and empowering the students about workplace safety via the lessons learned and experiences gained in my lifetime.  Sharing with school kids is a true highlight!

Did a little work on my sit ski as well with my buddy Rob to get myself ready for the upcoming World Cup races in Colorado and the World Cup Finals in Panorama this Month.

The Backflip Video...