The End is near…..

May 31st is quickly approaching and it signals the end of Early Bird pricing for your season pass.   At midnight on May 31st the clock ticks over and so does the pricing for season pass.  So don’t doddle, procrastinate, postpone or delay just do it!!!

We are really excited about this coming year and can’t wait for summer to start.  It’s going to be a great season of biking!!!

                New for the Bike Park 2013:

  • NEW Blue trail called  Jedi Mind Tricks
  • XC Network opening/reinventing/reinvigorating (work in progress to expand and create)

Add this option to your season pass for only $20 (all money goes towards expanding XC network)

New Events:

           New for the village:

  • New kids playground in the village – large sandbox and swing/play set
  • New games in the village – life size checkers and Ladders
  • New places to sit and hang out

So don’t delay, put it off, forget, postpone, procrastinate, dawdle, drag your feet, loiter, dally or hmmm & haw on this any longer! 



Enjoy the ride this summer,