As with most brides and grooms planning a wedding these days, the more that can be saved in certain areas the more there is to splurge elsewhere. Kylie and Taylor are no exception – however, some of their money saving ideas did end up costing a bit more than expected………..

Buying pre-made off the shelf invitations can be an excellent way of saving cash. They nearly always come in a variety of colors, styles and with easy to follow printing templates. Kylie admits “on the surface the packages look great, the templates allowed us to complete our own personal message and put our stamp on things so to speak”. However, she and Taylor soon learned this was a labor of love. As each invitation insert had to be printed individually – “we probably ended up spending 5 hours in total making 80 invites” she sighed.
Kylie’s main advice to future couples is “research the size, weight and corresponding mailing charges before you decide which invites to choose”. Large envelopes and thick card can look perfect at first glance but in reality it can make the difference between a 56. cent mailing cost per invite and $1.03! That’s a 50% increase you’re not expecting in you budget right off the bat!

Or do you forgo the old fashioned snail mail and simply email your guests to save the environment and your pocket at the sacrifice of a pretty card to stick on the fridge?