Canada Post Freestyle Junior National Championships — Dual Moguls

<img src= align="right">Day three of the Canada Post Freestyle Junior National Championships featured the dual moguls event .<br>Here is a list of the top three in each category:<br><br>
1. Natalia Koshlay - BC<br>2. Andrea Bull - BC<br>3. Nicole Woodbeck - AB<br><br><b>FEMALE F3 DIVISION</b><br>1. Audrey Blanchette - QC<br>2. Julie Bureau - QC<br>3. Yuki Tsubota - BC<br><br><b>FEMALE F4 DIVISION</b><br>1. Alex-Anee Gagnon - QC<br>2. Andi Naudi - BC<br>3. Katrine Bazinet - QC<br><br><b>MALE M2 DIVISION</b><br>1. Jordan Pigeon - QC<br>2. Carl Ryan - BC<br>3. Ryan Kappler - BC<br><br><b>MALE M3 DIVISION</b><br>1. Simon Boileau - QC<br>2. Thomas Fartier - QC<br>3. Zac Hoffman - ON<br><br><b>MALE M4 DIVISION</b><br>1. Hugo Blanchette - QC<br>2. Hubert Chiasson - QC<br>3. Austen Crean - ON

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