Celebrate New Year's at The Silver Grill

<center><h3>New Year's Eve at The Silver Grill Steak and Chop House</center></h3>
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<p>Let The Silver Grill Steak and Chop House help you ring in the New Year with a fantastic dining experience. Our warm, intimate restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate your last meal of the decade. <p>Diner is $75 per person. To book call 250-558-6070 or 250-309-4169 or call guest services at 250-558-6019.
<p><p>To view The Silver Grill Steak and Chop House's New Year's Eve menu <b><a href="http://www.skisilverstar.com/pdfs/silvergrillnydinner09.pdf"target="_bla... HERE</b>.</a>

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