Day 5 Results from the President's Choice K2 Canadian Championships

<center><h3>Moore and Naciuk Close 2009 President’s Choice<br> Canadian K2 Championships With Slalom Titles</center></h3>

<p><b>VERNON, BC (April 3, 2009)</b> – The 2009 President’s Choice Canadian K2 Championships concluded at Silver Star Mountain Resort under welcomed clear skies for the ladies’ and men’s slaloms. More than 170 racers from Canada and the United States took part in the day’s event which saw an excess of 250 timed runs.

<p><b><center>Ladies’ Slalom</center></b>
<p>Kelly Moore from Quebec took the 2009 K2 Canadian slalom title with a combined time of 1:48.87. Moore, who dominated the field in the morning with a 2.18 lead managed to secure the title after losing only 0.03 seconds with the second fastest run of the afternoon.<img src= align="right">

<p>“I had such a great day,” said Kelly Moore. “My first run was amazing – everything worked well. I was a bit nervous for the second run but I managed to stay calm and focused. Fortunately, I was able to preserve my first run lead to take the win.”

<p>Mary Beth Hemphill from Ontario captured her second consecutive silver medal of these championships thanks to a cumulative time of 1:51.52. Hemphill, who was sitting in third place after the first leg, moved up to second place following the fourth best time of the afternoon.

<p>Alix Wells from British Columbia finished third in 1:51.90. Wells, who was holding strong in second place after the first run, encountered challenges in the ultimate run and was pushed back to the bronze medal after clocking the seventh fastest time of the afternoon.

<p><center><b>Men’s Slalom</b></center>
<p>Tony Naciuk from Alberta skied to his second consecutive national title thanks to two consistent slalom runs and a combined time of 1:42.41. Naciuk, who clinched the giant slalom gold on Thursday, was the third best slalom skier of the morning and the fourth fastest racer of the afternoon.<img src= align="right">

<p>“To get the win, I focused on staying calm and was able to push away all the stress,” admitted Naciuk. “Even though I grew up training and racing in Edmonton on a very short slope, I have a lot of confidence in my technique and I know I can do well on challenging hills. I have good mental strength and that was also key this week in helping me face the challenging weather and demanding courses.”

<p>Thompson from British Columbia confidently tackled the lengthy slalom to take home his second silver medal of these championships. Thompson completed both runs in 1:43.26 After finishing second in the men’s super combined, Broderick

<p>Vincent Boulianne from Quebec rounded out the podium with a third-place aggregate time of 1:44.16. Boulianne, who was the 85th racer out of the gate in the morning, battled through a turny and bumpy course to clock the 19th best time. Taking advantage of an earlier start number and cleaner course, Boulianne moved up to bronze after clocking the second fastest run of the afternoon.

<p><b><center>Clarke and Naciuk Clinch Overall Titles</b></center>
<p>The fourth and final day of racing saw the crowing of the overall title champions. The overall champions are ranked based on point performances attributed following the super combined, super G, giant slalom, and slalom results.

<p>On the ladies’ side, Devon Clarke from Ontario topped the standings with 240 points. She was followed by her teammate Mary Beth Hemphill who accumulated 184 points. Brittany Lathrop came in third with 162 points.

<p>“I was a bit worried this morning because I knew I had a shot at the overall title,” admitted Clarke who won the super G earlier this week. “I didn’t ski my best today but I managed to finish both runs and that helped my standings,” added the skier who finished 13th in the final slalom event. “Now, I’m really looking forward to going to the Whistler Cup to represent Canada and ski my best.”

<p>The men’s overall title went to Tony Naciuk from Alberta who captured 240 points. Logan Mackie from the USA came in second with 180 points, followed by Broderick Thompson from British Columbia who captured 160 points.

<p>“It’s awesome to win the overall,” said Naciuk who was the event’s only racer to clinch two titles, the giant slalom and the slalom. “I’m particularly happy to finish on a high note in the slalom. The conditions were so great today. I really had a lot of fun and that,s what helped me keep my cool.”

<center><p><b>2009 President’s Choice Canadian K2 Team Award</center></b>
<p>Upon conclusion of the 2009 President’s Choice Canadian K2 Championships, an award was presented to the week’s top performing team.

<p>The impressive President’s Choice Canadian K2 Championships cup was awarded to the province of Quebec who accumulated a total of 1598 points. Team Ontario, which had been the keeper of the award for the last two seasons finished second with 1511 points. British Columbia followed with 1511 points.

<p><center><b>En Route to the 2009 Whistler Cup</b></center>
<p>Following performances at the President's Choice Canadian K2 Championships, select Canadian athletes will be invited to participate in the renowned Whistler Cup, an international, FIS-sanctioned event for 13 and 14 year-old athletes.
<p>Held in Whistler (B-C) in mid April, the Whistler Cup is preceded by the “IRIS Vision to the Top Camp” held in Whistler from April 6 to 9 for the athletes representing Team Canada.

<p>“The goal of Team Canada is to offer athletes a very competitive environment so that they can have the confidence to successfully compete against other international teams at the Whistler Cup,” said Benoît Lalande Director of National Development for Alpine Canada Alpin.

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