Showdown, Throwdown, Hoedown Results - 2010

<center><h3>Hoedown A Wild Success</h3></center>
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<p>Mike Mertion soared above the competition Sunday to take home top prize in the men's open ski category at thefifth annual Showdown, Throwdown, Hoedown at Silver Star Mountain Resort. The event drew more than 90 competitors from across B.C., Alberta and the U.S.

<p>Mertion used a near flawless final run in Sunday's shootout final to wrestle top spot away from Ben Ogilvie and Colin Vaykovich, who finish second and third respectively.
<p>Scott Hunter of Pemberton edged Silver Star's former terrain park manager Derek Pankoff by one-tenth of a point to take home top spot in the men's open snowboard final. Charles Lamoureux rounded out the top three.
<p>In the men's ski amateur final, Zach Openheim won top prize, followed closely by Cody Pointing and Parker Blackstock. <p>Beau Pearson was the top amateur snowboarder. Tor Paxton and Brad Brown rounded out the top three.
<p>On the women's side, Cassie Sharpe was top female open skier, while Kim Careron won the open snowboard class.
<p>Slobhan Uy was top women's amateur skier, while Kristin Adams took home top prize in the amateur snowboard division.

<p>For a complete list of standings <b><a href=""target="_blank... HERE</b></a>

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