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NEW Doppelmayr Gondola

NEW Doppelmayr Gondola


SilverStar Mountain Resort is excited to announce the opening of the new Doppelmayr gondola from the SilverStar Village to the Summit. This project has seen the replacement of the existing Summit fixed grip double chair, which has been loading guests since 1970, with a new high-speed detachable gondola. Gondola cabins each provide seating for eight (8) and the provision of ski and board racks are provided outside, on door-mounted racks to maximize the comfort of the guests' ride.

“These new cabins will whisk guests from the bottom to the top of the Summit in a third of the time of the existing double chair. The ride will now take four and a half minutes from Village to summit traveling at five meters per second over a distance of 1063 metres with a vertical rise of 293 metres” says Brad Baker, Director of Operations and Maintenance for SilverStar.

The Gondola  features floor to ceiling glass to provide the most spectacular views SilverStar has to offer. Initially, the lift will have 21 cabins with an uphill capacity of 1,200 people per hour with the capacity increasing to 43 cabins as per design in the future. The Gondola services more than 16% of the existing terrain, plus provides the fastest access to the Comet and Alpine Meadows terrain pods from the Village. This lift also opens up a world of new possibilities for events, weddings, night skiing, SnowSports programs, and sightseeing.

“The gondola installation facilitates additional future capital improvement projects, such as the addition of an Alpine Restaurant between the Comet and the Gondola lift, installation of a lift in the Terrain Park, and options for a summer coaster or pipe,” according to Ken Derpak, Managing Director.

“All of SilverStar has been excited to celebrate our milestone 60th anniversary year with the completion of our new Gondola; this delivers a world class improvement to our guest experience for both winter and summer offerings, “says Jane Cann, Chair / President.

Fast Facts
  • Cabins are 8 passenger CWA Omega IV with external ski racks on the doors
  • Standard face to face seating
  • Door mounted ski racks
  • Folding bench seats, lockable, deluxe upholstery with 1 1/2 ‘’ foam on three sides
  • Fully automated safety door
  • Tinted gray polycarbonate windows
  • Vertically sliding windows
  • Floor to ceiling glass glazing for unobstructed views
  • All cabins have wide doors and standard seating for wheelchairs or freight
  • 21 cabins initial, max 42 cabins final (1200 pph initial/2400 pph final, pph = people per hour uphill transport capacity)
  • Max line speed is 5.08 m/s
  • Ride time at 5.08 m/s is 4.4 minutes
  • At 5.08 m/s there will be a cabin at loading every 24 seconds, with 122m between each cabin on-line (at initial 21 cabins)
  • 12 towers, plus top and bottom terminals
  • It’s a top drive, electric prime mover with diesel auxiliary and diesel evac motors
  • Horizontal length is 1063 m
  • Vertical rise is 293 m