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Info & Ability Levels

Info & Ability Levels

Find out what ability level your child is.

Children are grouped according to skill level and the ability to ski or snowboard on designated terrain, demonstrating good control through turns.

Parents and children should be aware that factors such as weather, snow conditions, equipment, clothing, mental and physical well being, and the desire to participate will all play a role in determining ability level and  performance.

SKIING - AGES 4 to 6
Alpine Skiing

RT= Ready Teddy (Never Ever)*

Introduction to skiing - never skied before

EE = Eager Elephants (Controlled)*

Able to stop with confidence and begin to turn on easy green terrain

JJ = Jumping Joey (Independent Skier)*

Can ski confidently on green terrain

RR = Racing Raccoon (Jr. Adventure Skier)

Can ski most blue terrain

JHS = Jr. Hot Shots (Jr. Mountain Skier)

Can ski all blue and some black terrain

* Poles not required

SKIING - AGES 7 to 12
Alpine Skiing

SL = Sliders (Never Ever)*

Introduction to skiing - Never skied before

SR = Snow Rangers (Novice)*

Confident snowplow stop and turns on easy greens

TB = Trail Blazers (Intermediate)

Skiing green runs independently and easy blue runs

ME = Mountain Explorers (Intermediate/Advanced)

Skiing all blue runs and starting bumps and trees

HF = High Flyers (Advanced)

Skiing all bumps and groomed black runs

HS = Hot Shots (Expert)

Skiing the whole mountain

* Poles not required


GR = Groomers

Never ever - First time rider.

SS = Snow Surfers

Control on gentle terrain

FR = Free Riders

Linked heel and toe side turns

SH = Shredders

Riding on steeper blue runs

JI = Jibbers

Introduction to freestyle and carving

HS = Hot Shots

Bumps, steeps and air