A journey begins

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you Kylie and Taylor.

This lovely couple is marrying here at SilverStar this winter!

Kylie has been vacationing at SilverStar since she was 12. It’s no surprise Aussie fiancé Taylor needed no persuasion when it came to choosing the perfect white Canadian Wedding. Silver Stars’ winter wonderland was the obvious choice.

There’s more biking to be had - Fall riding

The summer season is all wrapped up and the wooden features have been removed or put to rest for the winter.  Patrol has taken down all their signage and fencing to turn the bike park back into a ski hill for the snowy months to come.  Despite the poor weather to start the season and the economy not being great it was still a good summer for the bike park.  For those interested in the health of the bike park numbers we were up slightly in day tickets and seasons passes but down a bit in other areas, so not too bad.  Overall it was a great summer for conditions and some g

Living Richly

Over the last week I been taught a thing or two about "living richly." I am not speaking about wealth - rather I am referring to living life with intent.

This was recently brought on by a couple big lessons on actively pursuing your dreams and doing something about it. Two people - two great examples. Both individual couldn’t be further apart in terms of age and pursuits however both are so freakishly similar in terms of their outlook on life.


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