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Season Pass Refund Schedule

Season Pass Refund Schedule

The refundable pass option provides you the assurance of a partial refund as outlined below:


Less than 30 Days.
Until Dec 26
100% 100% less $50 50% No Refund
30 - 60 Days.
Dec 27 - Jan 25.
70% 70% less $50 35% No Refund
61 - 90 Days.
Jan 26 - Feb 24
40% 40% less $50 20% No Refund
More than 90 Days
After Feb 25.
No Refund No Refund No Refund No Refund


  • If you have used your Get to the Star Season Pass from March 15 - April 8, 2019, these days will be counted towards total days skied if a refund is requested.
  • Without purchasing the refundable pass option, passes are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • The price of the refundable option is $25 for individual pass holders or $75 for a family.
  • If you need to request a refund, we must receive your written request within the timescales outlines in the Refundable Pass option Schedule. We will not accept a refund request after February 25th 2020
  • The refundable pass option is only available when purchased concurrently with your seasons pass.
  • SilverStar will refund the cost of the seasons pass (or portion of cost per the Refund Schedule)
    • if you suffer an injury or sickness which prevents your participation in skiing or snowboarding.
    • if your employer transfers you, making it necessary to move your residence outside a 200km radius from the resort, provided that the date of transfer is at least 45 days after the purchase of the seasons pass. (Okanagan residents only)
    • If your parent, spouse, or child is also a refundable pass holder and chooses to cease participation due to your injury or sickness, he or she is entitled to a refund. The refund is limited to one additional claimant.
  • The refund option does not cover:
    • non-participation caused by or contributed to by intentional self-injury;
    • non-participation due to emotional disorders or pre-existing conditions unless you are hospitalized;
    • non-participation due to normal pregnancy;
    • or any injury or sickness that does not prevent the participation of skiing.
  • If you need to request a refund, we must receive your written request within 15 days of non-participation. We will not accept refund requests after Feb 25, 2020.
  • When presenting your claim, please provide a cover letter of explanation, your seasons pass, and a medical certificate providing the date of the first medical treatment and prognosis, stating that you are unable to ski, and the length of time the illness or injury will prevent participation.
  • In the event of job relocation, include a letter from your employer within 15 days of notification, stating the location, date and length of relocation.
  • All refunds subject to SilverStar Ski Resort Ltd. ’s discretion and approval.
  • SilverStar Ski Resort Ltd.’s interpretation of the above conditions is final.