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Long Term Equipment Storage

Long Term Equipment Storage

VIP Stash & Dash

A convenient way to stow your skis, snowboards, boots and poles when you leave the mountain, and have your gear ready and waiting when you return.

  • Save on Costs of excess and oversize airport baggage.
  • Reduce Hassles to and from the airport with transportation services that don't have room for your gear.
  • Keep Your Equipment in Peak Condition with a complimentary, worry-free Storage Wax for your skis or snowboard when you depart, and an equipment Buff when you return, to ensure your gear stays in great condition.

How Does it Work?

VIP Stash and Dash is intended as long term equipment storage on a year-to-year basis. Pricing includes multiple pick-up and drop-off within a 365 day period, with a maximum of 1 Pick Up and/or Drop Off per month.

  1. Dopping off your gear
    Simply drop off your skis, boots and/or poles at the Ski Rentals next to Guest Services.
    Our team will register you in the system, collect your gear and quickly review any additional needs (like tune-ups, etc) you might have.
    Your skis/snowboard will be given a storage wax, ID tag and get placed in our long-term storage.
    Please Note: This service is only for Skis/Snowboards, Boots and Poles. No Helmets or Clothing will be accepted.
  2. Picking up your gear.
    Email or Call the Ski Rentals next to Guest Services 48 hours or more before your expected return to the resort.
    Our team will Buff your skis/snowboard and have your gear ready for you to pick up at the Ski Rentals next to Guest Services the day you arrive.
    Please Note: This service is intended as a long-term storage option and only allows a Maximum of 1 Drop-off and 1 Pick-up per month.


Per Year
Maximum of 1 Set of Skis or 1 Snowboard + Poles, and Boots
Maximum 4 Sets of Skis or 4 Snowboards + Poles, and Boots

Pricing doesn't include taxes.