Warning this blog post contains gratuitous shower scene images of a red head and a platinum blond.


New at SilverStar Bike Park is an outdoor shower for those muddy days!!!  Just down from the ticket office near Patrol are two shower heads fastened to the outside of the winter locker barn.  The water is a fixed temperature and is warm.  Each shower is controlled independently with an on/off lever.

This is all thanks to our super helpful Carpenters here at SilverStar.  In particular Patrick Randell, who is obviously not just a hat rack!  So if you seem them around the resort let them know how much they’re appreciated.  The showers will be available from first thing in the morning until the end biking each night and will really help on those cold muddy days when it’s just so much to go play in the mud.  Please don’t leave the showers on, they are not on a timer and must be turned off after use.   

The showers have been installed to lessen the amount of dirt and mud that gets tracked into the bathrooms.  So please be respectful of the washrooms and don’t go in them caked in mud and make a huge mess.  Last weekend all the washrooms were destroyed by people bathing in the sinks and flicking mud everywhere.  Don’t be disrespectful of those premises; someone has to clean up your mess at the end of the day.  We don’t want to have to say things like your pass privileges will be revoked or anything like that, we’d like to appeal to peoples good nature and don’t make a mess.  Use the showers outside to wash with and be mature about it.  I for one am stoked about the idea of being able to take a warm shower to clean all my armour and bike gear outside after a day in the mud.  It might be a little slick and muddy today so hopefully the showers get some use!

Enjoy the Ride this summer,