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Adaptive Snowsports

Adaptive Snowsports

Silver Star Adaptive Snowsports (SSASS)

The Silver Star adaptive program makes snow sports accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive challenges and for guests of all ages. 

The SSASS mission statement is: “Our dream is a of place without barriers where everyone can share passion, joy, freedom and friendship, connecting with nature and community through snow sports at Silver Star Mountain and beyond.”  

SSASS programs are delivered by trained volunteers with CADS certification.  Some SSASS instructors are also CSIA certified.  Generally, clients will be taught and escorted by two instructors during a lesson, using an adaptive technique to modify ski teaching to take advantage of and build on the abilities of the client.  

Program Summary

  • SSASS services are free of charge.  Please book in advance – at least 3 days’ notice is appreciated.
  • Clients range in age from 5 through to very experienced adults!
  • Instructors are trained to work with,
    • Cognitively challenged
    • Physically challenged
    • Standing, snowboard or sit-ski
    • Hearing impaired
    • Visually impaired
  • ​The Discovery program allows local clients (within 100km) to try out skiing or boarding at no cost
  • Check out the recreational race program
  • CADS or BCAS Card Holders are eligible for a  Discount off Single Full Day Alpine Lift Tickets (

Most SSASS clients have a permanent disability but we can also help someone with a short term condition. Too often enthusiasts give up snow sports as a result of lost or impaired mobility or a cognitive challenge.  The key is that your physician feels your general heath is good enough for you to participate in sport activity without aggravating the condition.”

For more information, please visit the SSASS website ( for program and registration information.

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