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Meet your Instructor

Meet your Instructor

Meet our team of instructors handpicked from around the globe

Our instructors are highly skilled professionals from many parts of the world, ask if they can speak your language.

Simon Woodward

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CSCF Level 2 Trained

Favorite Run: Gypsy Queen and BX Express

Simon Woodward (or Woody as he is commonly known!) is originally from the UK. He spent 9 years in the IT industry before leaving IBM and following his dream of becoming a ski instructor. Woody initially started as an instructor here at SilverStar before becoming a Supervisor, Manager of the Star Kids Centre and now the Snowsports School Business Manager. This is Woody's 9th season working at SilverStar and is looking forward to the next.

Woody loves speed and the excitement of competing in the Over The Hill Downhill Race that is held annually at SilverStar. He has been clocked at over 105 km/h but this year hopes to top 110 km/h and can’t wait to meet everyone who comes to the resort to participate in this great event!

Woody is committed to making the Snowsports School at SilverStar the best school in Canada to learn and work at! He is passionate about the sports he loves and welcomes anyone that sees him to say hello and tell him about their experience at the resort.

Norman Kreutz

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 3, Mountain Guide Level 1, Level 4 Examiner

Favorite Run: All of Putnam Creek

With 36 years of coaching and teaching experience SilverStar’s Director of Snowsports, Norman Kreutz, has a long list of credentials. He starting skiing at a young age racing with the Lake Superior Ski Division in his home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Moving out west in 1979 he taught at Banff Club Ski for 4 years honing his skills under the direction of some of the legends within the CSIA. By 1983 Norman had achieved his Level 4 CSIA certification and became a Course Conductor shortly thereafter. 1984 saw Norman move further west to run the SilverStar Snowsports School and make SilverStar his home. In 1988 Norman took on duties as Western Course Director for the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance. Throughout his 14 years with the CSIA he had the opportunity to ski throughout the world and most notably be involved as either coach or skier in no less than four Interski teams. Norman has been a mentor to many in the ski instruction industry throughout Canada; incredibly well respected for his skiing and teaching ability.

Best Moment on Skis: Watching his sons become the accomplished all mountain skiers they have become. Skiing with his wife Debbie. Skiing in a Demonstration with Cam Watson during Interski 87 in Banff. It was like we were attached by a string. Completing 49 runs in 2 hours of skiing at the Mountain Smoker, Broken River, New Zealand. World Powder Eight Championships skiing with my bud Steve Smart.
Out on the slopes with the members of the SilverStar Snowsports Schools.

Favourite Teaching Moment: Coaching the Snowsport School on morning or afternoon sessions. Seeing the smiles on his clients faces when they get the feeling he is trying to portray. Being mentored by his great friend and king of teaching, Martin Olson. Having a day on the slopes with his family.

Guy Paulsen

Qualifications: Alpine (CSIA Level 4), Nordic (CANSI Level 3), Tele Level 2, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1


Favorite Run:

Guy Paulsen has been a member of the SilverStar Ski School for over 25 years and has represented both SilverStar Mountain Resort and the Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance nationally and internationally at numerous ski-related events and competitions.

“Winter is such a great time of the year and being able to share my experience and passion for alpine, nordic and telemark skiing is a true joy for me. Look forward to meeting you…..”

Alpine (CSIA Level 4 / Level 4 Course Examiner) Nordic (CANSI Level 4 / Level 1 Course Examiner – track / Level 2 –telemark) Alpine Racing (CSCF Level 2) Ski Guiding (CSGA Level 1) Snowboard (CASI Level 1)

Arthur Noiles

Qualifications: CSIA 3, CSCF 2

Favourite Run: Show Off


A passion for playing many sports from the age of 5, Television/radio on-air host, Manager for 28 years provided my background in enjoying the company of, and interaction with many athletes which led me to the ski hills past the age of 40. Within one year I knew I wanted to pass on this passion in the way of teaching skiing and have never wavered. My long friendship with people from around the world is endless and enjoyed every day I am on snow. Teaching is the ultimate thrill where we see the results and fun daily in our students.

Amy MacDougall

Qualifications: CASI Level 2

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer on a pow day


Hey, I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’ve been riding for 4 years. This is my 3rd season at SilverStar and it is just as exciting as my first. My favorite part of teaching is seeing the look on someone’s face when they are learning a new skill and watching them develop a passion for the sport that I love.

In the off season I’m generally travelling as much as I can, or if I'm back home you can find me at the footy (AFL-Go Dogs), or going to see my favorite bands as often as I can.

Alex Burrows

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 1, CADS Level 1, CSCF Level 1 (Training)

Favorite Run: 3 Wise Men

This is my third season at SilverStar, having sandwiched 2 seasons down under at Perisher in between. I learnt to ski 15 years ago on the dry slopes in England. After numerous trips to The Alps I was hooked on everything skiing had to offer. I decided to become an instructor so that I could pass on the knowledge and passion I have for skiing. I can’t wait to see someone’s face light up after they have mastered a new skill and being able to watch them develop the passion I have for the sport.  Away from skiing I am a very keen cricketer and spent my time at Newcastle University coaching the Ladies Cricket Team.

Ben Jackson

Qualifications: CASI level 2, park and pipe, Level 1 evaluator

Favourite Run: Abby road on the opening day of the backside


I have lived and taught snowboarding all over the world including, Val d Isère, France, New Zealand, Whistler, Banff, Andorra and Italy. I have worked at SilverStar mountain on and off in various roles for the last 9 years. I am as passionate about snowboarding and mountain culture as I am about teaching and take pride in introducing people to snowboarding and the lifestyle that has given me so much.

Silverstar mountain and snowboarding brought me to Canada and I never left. I now call Lumby home at the base of the epic Monashee mountains, where I live with my wife and three children. I call Silverstar my local mountain because of its world class snow, varied terrain and sense of community. If it is your first day there or your home, you always feel welcome when you step into the village.

Brian France

Qualifications: Level 2 Snowboard Instructor

Favourite Run: Sherwood Forest


Hello my name is Brian France.  I have been a snowboarder for nearly 21 years and instructed snow boarding at SilverStar Mountain for eight seasons.  I work for Parks Canada in the summer at Waterton Lakes National Park.  I have also obtained a pilots licence and enjoy avioning.  I enjoy many outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, mountain biking and of course snowboarding.  I also enjoy arts and crafts and trains!  My favourite vehicle is the original VW Beetle.

Darren Richmond

Qualifications: Level 4 CSIA Level 4 examiner (not currently examining) CSCF2 and CASI1

Favorite run: Anything Deep and Steep with a few drops thrown in for fun. Headwalls are my normal go to runs.

Favorite skiing moment: There are many moments that stand out; world powder 8 championships, CSIA and world technical skiing championships are some of my favorite memories from my competitive years. Now remembering a run with my family on a sunny SilverStar day, carving corduroy and enjoying the views of the spectacular snow ghosts are some of the moments that stand out.

BIO: I started my skiing career in the early 80's while growing up in Rocky  Mountain house, Alberta. Commuting to Banff, Ab. to get coaching from the Banff Alpine Racers started a solid foundation of skills and a love for skiing. This translated to starting my first instructing job at Canyon Ski area in Red Deer Ab. in 1986, I then on to Sunshine Village and Banff where I achieved my level four certification in 1992. I first started working at SilverStar that same year and progressed up to Director of skiing by 1999 and continued examining courses for the CSIA working up to Level 4 examiner as well as Western Technical Committee Chairperson.  I retired from a full time role for the resort in 2001 and now work as a General contractor in my Company Richbuilt Homes. I enjoy bringing a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to coach some of the great programs SilverStar offers.

Favorite Teaching moment: In about 1989 I taught an elderly couple to ski for the first time, they were both in their early 70's and were thrilled with their accomplishment. In 1992 the same couple returned for another lesson and I discovered that In the years since the first lesson this couple had spent three straight years traveling from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere for year round winter, and had been skiing all over the globe.

David Enns

CSIA Level 2

Hello All. My name is David Enns I am 19  years old with a passion for skiing. I am a CSIA Level 2 certified Instructor who has been skiing on Silver Star almost before I could walk. I’ve spent five years of my life racing with the Vernon Ski Club but since then turned my passion towards teaching. This will be my fourth year teaching with the Silver Star SnowSports School. I look forward to meeting you and showing you all the great things this mountain has to offer. Perhaps I can even teach you a thing or two along the way

Favourite Run: Free Fall


Eamon Doherty

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF 2, CSIA Course Conductor 

Favorite Run: Let’s find the Snow away from the crowds

This will be my 14th season at Silver Star. Have been teaching since 1993. Have been a CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor since 1999. My goal is to have fun and explore the mountain. See you soon. Cheers...Eamon

Emma Enns

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favorite Run: The Face

I have grown up skiing on SilverStar Mountain since the young age of one and continue to love every moment of skiing I get. I raced with the Vernon Ski Club for 8 years before discovering my passion for teaching. I taught with the Ski Club for two seasons and then made my way to the Adventure Center where I have been teaching for the last three seasons. If I’m not found skiing on the mountain I can usually be found training/ competing horses in three day events or studying Biology at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna. With a love for skiing and five seasons of teaching experience under my belt I am more than happy to share my knowledge and passion with you!

Gerard Beallie

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1

Favorite Run – Holy Smokes

I was lucky enough to grow up and learn how to ski in the rocky mountains and continue to ski and teach here at SilverStar in the Okanagan.  SilverStar is such an amazing place to explore and you can find any type terrain you feel like challanging yourself with.  I moved to the okanagan 5 years ago to work and train on being a better skier and instructor, and those goals are becoming reality because of this great mountain, but also because of the people that call this mountain home. Whether its instructors taking you out for a great time exploring the mountain while learning how to deal with that new run you want to tackle, or just all the friendly people that you will meet on the chair and  all over the mountain that are happy to help.   Ill see you on Holy Smokes…come join the fun! 

Gerry Goudge

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 3

Favourite Run: Bondiablo

Gerry started skiing in Montreal 70 years ago, and this will be his 53rd year teaching!  He has taught for many ski areas in Canada and the USA.  He came to Vernon in 1966 from the Banff area, and was the Ski School Director for SilverStar from 1972 to 1982.  Gerry's high energy, enthusiasm, and love of teaching skiing is infectious.  His specialty is helping skiers of all ages to overcome their fear and start to enjoy his favourite sport.  "I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your skiing, in complete control."

George Young

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor, CANSI XC Level 3, Tele Level 2, CSCF Level 2

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer

George has taught skiing since the eary 60’s and spent 4 years living in Europe where he skied extensively throughout the Alps. Having skied in every month of the year and tried sand dunes to stretch his sense of the absurd, he loves to pass on his joy in what a pair of skis will do – flat , uphill or downhill! George has promised not to grow up until he’s at least a hundred!

Glenn McPherson

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1, CANSI Level 1

Favourite Run: The Face

Growing up here in the Okanagan I was fortunate enough to try skiing. I have been at SilverStar most of my life. Being able to share a small part of beautiful  B.C  with others is why  I love teaching skiing.

Glenn Wurtele

Qualifications: High Performance Elite Race Coach 4 / Canadian Ski Coaches Federation Level 4 Diplome Nationale Instructor / French National School of Skiing & Climbing

Favourite Run: Big Dipper


As a former Canadian National Ski Team Men’s Head Coach, I visited many of the world’s best ski resorts in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Skiing in the Chilean Andes ranks among some of my best skiing experiences while skiing in China ranks among the most interesting. My passion for the sport has never diminished and I always get a charge out of seeing people reach new levels in their personal skiing skills. After 45 years as a “ski pro” I’ve been knowqn to spin a few tales to keep the chairlift rides both fun and amusing. Join us at SilverStar for another great season!many seasons coaching/teaching in the European Alps he can often be found in the Chilean Andes resorts during the Southern Winter.

“My passion for skiing is endless and no matter what level of skier I teach, it’s their individual progress and enthusiasm for the sport which I find most rewarding.” 
Holly Enns

Holly Enns

CSIA Level 1

The 2016-2017 season will be my 3rd season teaching up at Silverstar. I began skiing before I was two years old and haven't stopped since. I spent 3 years racing with the vernon ski club, which grew my skills and encouraged my love for skiing. I can't wait to see what this season has in store for me, I hope to see you on the slopes!

Favourite Run: Rustty Whistle

Jonathan Bell

Jonathan  Bell,

CSIA Level 2

This will be my first season at SilverStar. I am originally from the UK and learnt to ski in Austria when I was 4. After many family ski trips all over Europe I realised I wanted to become a ski instructor. I came to Canada a year later and got my CSIA Level 1 and Level 2 Ski. Since then I dreamt of living close to the mountains and last year my family and I moved to Vernon.

I love the mountain culture that SilverStar has to offer and spend a lot of my summer up here on the bike trails. I love everything about skiing and hope I can share that passion with other skiers. 

Favourite Run: All of them, the snow here is incredible.

Justinus Adriaanse

CSIA Level 2

Growing up in South Africa I only saw snow for the first time at 18. From

my first time on Skis, I could not get enough. When it was time for a career change in my

30’s I decided to come to Canada, and ski as much as possible. I love sharing my passion

with people and helping them concur the mountain!

Favourite Run - Three Wise Men


Mel Dekker

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2 Trained

Favourite Run: Holy Smokes

I learned how to ski at Spring Hill, Manitoba which has a 125 foot vertical.  I loved it right away but I knew there was more, so I took a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1978.  Now that is a ski hill; bottomless powder to boot.  In the years to come, I took many trips out west and came to SIlver Star where the snow, the view, the temperature, and the people are excellent.  I moved to Vernon, and who could blame me?  There was and still is true passion for skiing here, which being an instructor, I love to pass on.  Just thinking about the wind in my face as I am sliding down the mountains makes me SMILE every time.

Mick Ban

Mick Ban

CSIA Level 3 - CSCF Level 1

I have been skiing since the age of 4. Having Austrian parents who were keen skiers meant I was always destined to be a skier. At the age of 13 I started competing in alpine skiing events, representing my State and then my Country until I was 26. During this time, I skied in America and Europe and loved every minute of it. I fell in love with Silver Star back in 1990 and have been coming back every year since.  Having skied the world, I believe Silver Star offers the best of everything, I just love it. My passion is skiing and imparting my love of the sport onto people I meet and teach. Enjoy the snow and always have fun.

Mike Bell

CANSI Level 3 Nordic / Level 4 Telemark

SSM XC Camp “Original”
BPE/Exercise Physiology/ ED Cert. UBC, U of M and Gonzaga U
Hometown – Kelowna, BC

A Secondary school Principal here in Vernon, Mike is a past Olympic coach of the Canadian National Nordic Team & former CANSI XC Interski Demo Team Member (Captain) / Examiner. Most recently Mike was a wax technician at the XC World Masters in 2011. He has always worked to help his athletes and students to continuously improve their skills. His favorite quote, “Ski smart and ski smooth!” We are stoked to see Mike back with us at the camps.


Nathan Allen

Nathan Allen

Loves the great outdoors, skiing, teaching, and meeting new folks.

Favourite Run: Deer Park & Big Dipper

Nils Ahlstrom


This is my second season at SilverStar and I’m super stoked for another winter. 1 year ago I packed my stuff, left a rainy Sweden, arrived to an even rainier Vancouver, took a bus to winter wonderland and haven’t looked back since. I love spreading my knowledge about skiing and the biggest reward is when I see kids smiling after a good tree run or their first turns. The first thing you’ll notice about me is probably my long blonde hair (I often get mistaken for a girl) or my big smile.  When I’m not in the slopes you’ll probably find me at Lj’s with a burger in my hand (I LOVE BURGERS). If you see me out on the mountain don’t be shy to ask questions and we’ll share some fresh powder or groomers

Favourite Run - Lower Big Dipper

Pat Gerrie

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor

Favourite Run: Big Dipper/Gypsy Queen on a powder day, Over the Hill Downhill course when it’s time to go fast!

Pat has over 30 years of teaching/coaching experience in the snowsport industry (with 10 of those years being at the ‘Star).  Having had the opportunity to run ski schools in both Canada and Australia, he has a wide range of experiences that he that he can call upon to help you get the most out of your time at SilverStar.  “My main goal is to help you experience the passion that I feel when I’m out on the mountain. No matter the weather, it’s just a great place to be” .

Whether a beginner or a seasoned double black skier, Pat welcomes you to come and explore the mountain, and your potential, with him.

Peggy Kassa

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1, CASI Level 1, CANSI Cross Country Level 1, CANSI Telemark Level 1

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer

I started teching in Vail in 1972.  I worked for the Vernon Ski Club running and coaching the Snowmite program for 13 years with my husband Don.  I have been running the Ladies Day / Men's Day Programs for longer than I can remember, and I love doing it.  Skiing is a big part of our family's life, especially on powder days!

Rachel Wooley

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 1, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Glade Runner

First visited SilverStar in 1999 and fell in love with the resort and people.  Subsequent years led to longer holidays and my experience with lessons led me to change my life to enable me to teach here in the winter and continue working in Accountancy or IT during the summer.  I have now been teaching since 2005 and enjoy sharing my passion for skiing and the variety each day offers. My most memorable skiing moment is the first time I put ski boots on. My most memorable teaching moments are when a person realizes their ambition but mostly when fear is replaced by a smile.

Rodger Poole

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CANSI XC Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CSIA Level 4 & 3 Course Conductor, APSI Telemark Level 1, Back-country Avalanche Certification

Favourite Run: Chute 5

With fifteen seasons in the ski industry, Rodger spends his winters coaching at the Vernon Ski Club and teaching and training instructors at the SilverStar Snowsports School, as well as course conducting for the Canadian Ski Instructor's Alliance. After arriving at SilverStar 8 years ago, he knew that this combination of great snow on a world class mountain, outstanding Nordic Skiing, and great people didn't come around very often and he has since called Vernon home.

Whether you want to improve your bump skiing, feel more at home in powder, win your next ski race, or just out-ski your friends, Rodger can help you set and achieve your goals.

Sandy Cook

Qualifications: CANSI Level 4, CSIA Level 3,  TELE Level 1, CSCF Level 2

Favourite run:  Alpine: GongShow;  Nordic: Alder Point

Sandy has been coaching and teaching skiing in it’s various forms for 45 years (started as a young teenager).   During university years, it was at the” smaller” S. Ontario hills.  Then back to Thunder Bay to start a career in engineering and raising a family.  In 1995, the west called and the family moved to SilverStar.  From that point on, Sandy has been involved with the SilverStar Snowsports School teaching both Nordic and Alpine skiing.

Most Interesting Coaching Project:  When the kids were 4 and 6, Sandy, husband Gregg and friend Jim formed the Big Thunder Nordic – Jackrabbit/Alpine combined program.  The kids cross-country skied in groups in the am, downhill skied in groups in the pm and then went sliding as the parents collapsed after a wonderful day!

Simon Marks

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1

Favorite Run: Gypsy Queen.  Skiing Gypsy Queen with Norman Kreutz in perfect powder snow on a beautiful January morning in 2005.

Simon has been a passionate skier since his teens.  He took up skiing at Mt Hotham in Australia where he developed a deep love of the mountains and winter sports.  He is still a member of one of Mt Hotham’s oldest clubs, the Ski Club of East Gippsland (SCEG).  He first came to SilverStar in 2004 and joined the Snowsports School as an instructor soon after.  In his other life, Simon is a practicing commercial barrister at the Victorian Bar in Melbourne but he returns to SilverStar every year with his family to their winter home in Parsons Lane.  He is now a senior member of the School with lots of knowledge and experience about the mountain.  He always knows where to find the best snow and best skiing.

Spike Kenny

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1, AST Level 1

Favourite Runs: Black Bear and Spirit Bowl

I started skiing in Italy when I was 14, since then I have skied throughout Europe, Western Canada and in New Zealand.

The biggest thrill for me is that moment when I see that big grin … it could be the first green or double black, or the realization (or remembering) that skiing really is fun …. We all make that grin – for us lucky ones, we do it every day.

Amongst other things, I used to shear sheep and train sheep dogs for a living.  In my day, I would comfortably clip 300 ewes a day.

One of my proudest moments came at the end of the 2012 season, when I was nominated as CSIA Canadian Ski Instructor of the Year.

Stephen Feedham

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CADS Level 1

Favourite Run: All of Them!!

I have taught in Canada and overseas.  I am a 25 plus year member of the CSIA/CSCF.  I have been fortunate enough to have run several ski schools of my own over the years and I still find SilverStar one of the best areas around.  To help someone experience the joy in skiing is the best! 

Stephen Tanos

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Three Wise Men, steep and deep.

I was older when I really started skiing. Just like you, I wanted to get better so I took lessons. Fast forward and here I am at SilverStar where I’ve been teaching for more than 10 years. I love skiing and would love to have you in one of my classes, private or group. See you on the slopes!!

Val Tinker

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 2 cross-country, CANSI Level 1 telemark, CSCF Level 1 Certified

Favorite Run: FIS

Born in Moscow, Russia, but have been in Canada since 1980 and have skied every season since then.  I started as a Ski Patroller, and then became an Instructor in 1999. I enjoy winter and all the activities that come with the season. Every winter at SilverStar has been a pleasure for me; improving my own technique, as well as, working with the skiing public. Excited about this coming season as always!  Happy trails!