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Meet your Instructor

Meet your Instructor

Meet our team of instructors handpicked from around the globe

Our instructors are highly skilled professionals from many parts of the world, ask if they can speak your language.

Simon Woodward
Simon Woodward.jpg

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CSCF Level 2 Trained

Favorite Run: Gypsy Queen and BX Express

Simon Woodward (or Woody as he is commonly known!) is originally from the UK. He spent 9 years in the IT industry before leaving IBM and following his dream of becoming a ski instructor. Woody initially started as an instructor here at SilverStar before becoming a Supervisor, Manager of the Star Kids Centre and now the Snowsports School Business Manager. This is Woody's 9th season working at SilverStar and is looking forward to the next.

Woody loves speed and the excitement of competing in the Over The Hill Downhill Race that is held annually at SilverStar. He has been clocked at over 105 km/h but this year hopes to top 110 km/h and can’t wait to meet everyone who comes to the resort to participate in this great event!

Woody is committed to making the Snowsports School at SilverStar the best school in Canada to learn and work at! He is passionate about the sports he loves and welcomes anyone that sees him to say hello and tell him about their experience at the resort.

Norman Kreutz
Norman Kreutz.jpg

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 3, Mountain Guide Level 1, CSIA Level 4 Course Conductor

Favorite Run: Pretty much anywhere on the mountain

With 40 years of coaching and teaching experience SilverStar’s Technical Director, Norman Kreutz, has a long list of credentials. He starting skiing at a young age racing with the Lake Superior Ski Division in his home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Moving out west in 1979 he taught at Banff Club Ski for four years honing his skills under the direction of some of the legends within the CSIA. By 1983 Norman had achieved his Level 4 CSIA certification and became a Course Conductor shortly thereafter. 1984 saw Norman move further west to run the SilverStar SnowSports School and make SilverStar his home. In 1988 Norman took on duties as Western Course Director for the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance. Throughout his 14 years with the CSIA he had the opportunity to ski throughout the world and most notably be involved as either coach or skier in no less than four Interski teams. Norman has been a mentor to many in the ski instruction industry throughout Canada; incredibly well respected for his skiing and teaching ability.

Best Moment on Skis: Watching his sons become the accomplished all mountain skiers they have become. Skiing with his wife Debbie. Skiing in a demonstration with Cam Watson during Interski ‘87 in Banff. “It was as if we were attached by a string.” Completing 49 runs in two hours of skiing at the Mountain Smoker, Broken River, New Zealand. World Powder Eight Championships skiing with his bud Steve Smart. Out on the slopes with the members of the SilverStar SnowSports Schools.

Favourite Teaching Moment: Coaching the SnowSport School on morning or afternoon sessions. Seeing the smiles on his client’s faces when they get the feeling he is trying to portray. Being mentored by his great friend and legend of the sport, Martin Olson. Having a day on the slopes with his family.


Guy Paulsen

Qualifications: Alpine (CSIA Level 4), Nordic (CANSI Level 3), Tele Level 2, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1


Favorite Run:

Guy Paulsen has been a member of the SilverStar Ski School for over 25 years and has represented both SilverStar Mountain Resort and the Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance nationally and internationally at numerous ski-related events and competitions.

“Winter is such a great time of the year and being able to share my experience and passion for alpine, nordic and telemark skiing is a true joy for me. Look forward to meeting you…..”

Alpine (CSIA Level 4 / Level 4 Course Examiner) Nordic (CANSI Level 4 / Level 1 Course Examiner – track / Level 2 –telemark) Alpine Racing (CSCF Level 2) Ski Guiding (CSGA Level 1) Snowboard (CASI Level 1)

Alec James (AJ) Tauber

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favourite Run: Gypsy Queen

I have been skiing at Thredbo, my local mountain in Australia, since I was four years old. I have also skied and raced in the Thredbo Ski Race Club for eight years. I have been coming to SilverStar Mountain for the past seven years and absolutely love skiing here.

Alec James (AJ) Tauber.jpg
Alex Burrows

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 1, CADS Level 1, CSCF Level 1 (Training)

Favorite Run: 3 Wise Men

This is my third season at SilverStar, having sandwiched 2 seasons down under at Perisher in between. I learnt to ski 15 years ago on the dry slopes in England. After numerous trips to The Alps I was hooked on everything skiing had to offer. I decided to become an instructor so that I could pass on the knowledge and passion I have for skiing. I can’t wait to see someone’s face light up after they have mastered a new skill and being able to watch them develop the passion I have for the sport.  Away from skiing I am a very keen cricketer and spent my time at Newcastle University coaching the Ladies Cricket Team.

Alex Burrows.jpg
Alex Kreutz

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Alder Point

Having been born and raised in the Okanagan, skiing and the outdoors have played a huge roll in my development. SilverStar has proven to be a world class playground for me growing up, and I make sure to go get out there in one manor or another throughout the year. Having been in Victoria pursuing my degree, the last few years have made the heart grow fonder with every snowless winter passing. I’m very excited to join the SnowSports team and can’t wait to see everyone out on the slopes!

Alexandra Karlsell

Hi! I´m from Sweden and this will be my first season at SilverStar as well as my first time in Canada. I started skiing at the age of three in the Swedish mountains, and at the age of 14 I was doing my first runs on a snowboard. Well, they were not so much runs, rather face planting in the snow.  But hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Winter has always been my favourite time of the year and I have loved snow for as long as I can remember. I used to be a handball coach and now it is time to take the next step and work as a ski instructor. I´m looking forward to an awesome season!

Alexandra Karlsell.jpg
Amy MacDougall

Qualifications: CASI Level 2

Favourite Run: Anything with snow!

I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’ve been riding for 6 years. This is my 6th season at SilverStar and it is just as exciting as my first. My favourite part of teaching is seeing the look on someone’s face when they are learning a new skill and watching them develop a passion for the sport that I love.

Anders Hansen

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

I am 23 years old and I come from Denmark. On a daily basis I am in the construction business. Where I come from there's no mountains, so I've travelled a lot to Norway, Sweden, Austria and France to get my dose of skiing every year for the past 15-18 years. Now the time has come for Canada and I am very excited about sharing my passion for snow, ski and the mountains with you

Snowful Regards

Anders Hansen.jpg
Andreas Folner

Being a Danish native I’ve spent most of my ski vacations in the Alps as well as a few resorts in Sweden. I went on my first ski vacation at the age of two and although I didn’t actually ski during that trip, I’ve come to believe that my urge to learn came after watching people crushing it on the slopes from my sled that year.

This will be my first season at SilverStar and I can’t wait to share some incredible moments on the mountain with you guys!

Andreas Folner.jpg
Andres Reimann

I’m 20 years old and come from Denmark. I have been skiing for approximately 15 years and I’m in love with snow sports. I decided to become an instructor because of my love for skiing and my passion for teaching, as well as my desire to seek out new adventures in life. 

Aside from winter sports I’m also a keen soccer player, having played since I was five years old. I’m a person who wants to achieve all their goals in life whilst having fun at the same time.

Angus Wooley

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 2, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer

Ships Captain and Offshore Installation manager in command of Offshore Drilling Rigs worldwide.

Since 2005, I have worked for a consultancy company in the Offshore Engineering and Marine sector of the Offshore Oil industry and winter seasons as a ski instructor at Silverstar. Have been Canadian resident since 2015.

Angus Wooley.jpg
Ania Splawinski

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favourite Run: Chute 5

It’s great to be back for my second season at SilverStar. I grew up skiing here and love the Okanagan powder. Whether bumping along the peanut trail or cruising down the backside it is always a great day up the Star. I love the opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories, and share the slopes. See you out there!

Arthur Noiles

Qualifications: CSIA 3, CSCF 2

Favourite Run: Show Off


A passion for playing many sports from the age of 5, Television/radio on-air host, Manager for 28 years provided my background in enjoying the company of, and interaction with many athletes which led me to the ski hills past the age of 40. Within one year I knew I wanted to pass on this passion in the way of teaching skiing and have never wavered. My long friendship with people from around the world is endless and enjoyed every day I am on snow. Teaching is the ultimate thrill where we see the results and fun daily in our students.

Asger Jensen

Hi, my name is Asger Rosenfeldt Møller Jensen and I come from Denmark. I’m very passionate about skiing and have skied my whole life, with both family and friends. I have mainly skied in Austria but also in France, Italy and Norway.

I’m looking forward to working as a ski instructor this season as it will give me the opportunity to make others as passionate about skiing as I am. I think that a season in Canada will mean that I can challenge and improve my own skiing ability. I’m also really looking forward to working with people of all ages and different nationalities, which I think will be both exciting and educational for me as a person.

Asger Jensen.jpg
Ashley Hutton

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favourite Run: Alder Point

Hello! I'm Ashley Hutton, I’m 16 years old and this is will be my first season teaching at SilverStar. I'm from the Sunshine Coast in Australia but have grown up with SilverStar as my second home of sorts, having skied here for 12 seasons! I received my CSIA Level 1 last year and I’m hyped to be able to put it to use teaching and gaining experience.

Ben Jackson

Qualifications: CASI level 2, park and pipe, Level 1 evaluator

Favourite Run: Abby road on the opening day of the backside

I have lived and taught snowboarding all over the world including, Val d Isère, France, New Zealand, Whistler, Banff, Andorra and Italy. I have worked at SilverStar mountain on and off in various roles for the last 9 years. I am as passionate about snowboarding and mountain culture as I am about teaching and take pride in introducing people to snowboarding and the lifestyle that has given me so much.

Silverstar mountain and snowboarding brought me to Canada and I never left. I now call Lumby home at the base of the epic Monashee mountains, where I live with my wife and three children. I call Silverstar my local mountain because of its world class snow, varied terrain and sense of community. If it is your first day there or your home, you always feel welcome when you step into the village.

Ben Jackson.jpg
Beth Gwilliam

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Entry Level

Favourite Run: Kassanova into Chute 5 & Robilliards Rush 

I began skiing in France at the age of 7 and since then I have never looked back. I have now been teaching since 2008 and I have been lucky enough to ski and teach in some of the most amazing places all around the world, from New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Europe and of course Canada.

I’m so happy to be returning to Silver Star once again for the winter! I can’t wait to get started! I hope I can pass on my love and passion for the sport to you whether you are a first timer or a seasoned skier. See you out there!

Beth Gwilliam.jpg
Bradley Hiscock

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favourite Run: Chute 5

I have been skiing at SilverStar for 15 years and am pleased to say that the 2017/18 season will be my first season working as an instructor. What makes SilverStar so beautiful is its ability to accommodate all levels of athletes through its variety of slope difficulty. So you will find me either shredding groomers such as Big Dipper or dropping into Chute 5 at any time of the day. When I'm not on the slopes I'm either at Brewers Pond or supporting my favourite Basketball team, the Toronto Raptors.

Brian France

Qualifications: CASI Level 2, CSIA Level 1

Favorite Run: Robin's Hood

I have skied and boarded at Silver Star my whole life. I started skiing here at 8 years old, then switched to snowboarding as a teenager. I have enjoyed snowboarding ever since.   I love sharing the passion of snowboarding. Being in the great outdoors is what I enjoy the most. I work for Parks Canada at Waterton Lakes National Park in the spring and summer months. I have a obtained a pilots licence and enjoy flying.  A big bowl of Captain Crunch is what gets me fired up for the day.  So come and join me on the slopes, I guarantee you will have fun!

Brian France.jpg
Brooklyn Tupper

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favourite Run: All of the Headwalls

I have been skiing at SilverStar since the age of two. I started out at the SnowSports School and soon went on to racing with the Vernon Ski Club for seven years. When I am not at the hill I am most likely at the dance studio, as I am a competitive dancer also. Even though dancing takes up much of my time, my passion for skiing has not diminished. My family and I spend every weekend up at SilverStar. I absolutely love winter, skiing and all the things they’re associated with.   

Chris Young

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Chute 5

I am a certified Red Seal chef and as such, it is my other great passion, along with skiing. I hope that I get the chance to cater for some of our amazing overseas clients. I am taking my Level 4 exam this year and really like my chances, because here at SilverStar we have some of the industry’s best. I am really patient and love to introduce beginners to this wonderful, wonderful sport.

Connor Isaacs

This will be my first season instructing at SilverStar. I learned to ski at five years old on the dry slopes in the UK, where I am originally from, as well as going on many ski holidays in Europe.  I moved to New Zealand when I was 10 and have been lucky enough to ski the beautiful Mt Ruapehu runs for the past 11 years.

It has always been my dream to become a ski instructor, ever since having lessons myself and looking up to the instructors, thinking to myself; I want to be just like them. After visiting Canada in the summer last year to be a camp counsellor I knew I had to return to fulfil my dream and become a CSIA instructor. I love to be outdoors and active, and I enjoy a lot of sport.

I’m looking forward to getting out there and meeting everyone.

Connor Isaacs.jpg
Craig Clark

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1, CSIA 1 Examiner, NZSIA Freestyle NZSIA Teaching Children

Favorite Run: Stardust

I have taught skiing for 21 seasons in six countries. I love to ski and share my passion with others. A lot of times I get into a situation on the mountain where there's a high possibility that something will go wrong, but then you've just got to point those skis down and say 'well, let's see what happens'. 

Craig Clark.jpg
Darren Richmond

Qualifications: Level 4 CSIA , Level 4 CSIA Level 4 Examiner, CSCF Level 2 and CASI Level 1

Favorite Run: Anything Deep and Steep with a few drops thrown in for fun. Headwalls are my normal go to runs.

I started my skiing career in the early 80's while growing up in Rocky Mountain house, Alberta. Commuting to Banff, Ab. to get coaching from the Banff Alpine Racers started a solid foundation of skills and a love for skiing. This translated to starting my first instructing job at Canyon Ski area in Red Deer Ab. in 1986, I then on to Sunshine Village and Banff where I achieved my level four certification in 1992. I first started working at SilverStar that same year and progressed up to Director of skiing by 1999 and continued examining courses for the CSIA working up to Level 4 examiner as well as Western Technical Committee Chairperson.  I retired from a full time role for the resort in 2001 and now work as a General contractor in my Company Richbuilt Homes. I enjoy bringing a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to coach some of the great programs SilverStar offers.

Favourite Teaching moment: In about 1989 I taught an elderly couple to ski for the first time, they were both in their early 70's and were thrilled with their accomplishment. In 1992 the same couple returned for another lesson and I discovered that in the years since the first lesson this couple had spent three straight years traveling from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere for year round winter, and had been skiing all over the globe.

David Enns

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CSCF Level 1

Favorite Run: Anything freshly groomed and fast or anywhere knee deep in powder

This is my 5th year teaching skiing here at SilverStar. I was put on my fisrt pair of skis when I was about 14 months old and skiing has continued to be a huge part of my life ever since. I spent quite a few years racing with the Vernon Race Club when I was younger and during that time I skied on mountins all over BC, but I can say with certainty that SilverStar is still my favourite. I look forward to passing on my knowledge and showing you everything this amazing mountain has to offer!   


Dean Stone

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 3

Favourite Run: Sunny Ridge

I really value helping people to improve their skiing technique, while enjoying the overall mountain experience.

Dean Stone.jpg
Denys Lawrence

Qualifications: CANSI Nordic Level 4, CANSI Nordic Course Conductor Level 2, CANSI Tele LeveI 2 Instructor, CSIA Level 1 Instructor, NCCP Level 1 Coach

Favourite Run: BX Express and Corkscrew 

I learned to ski at Mont Orford and Owl's Head in Quebec in the 1960's. I came to SilverStar in 1990 after spending a number of winters in Davos, Switzerland. I built my home on the Knoll at SilverStar in 2001, and have been skiing from my door ever since. I love to backcountry ski, having been to many areas in BC and in Japan. I am a passionate Nordic Ski Instructor, with the CANSI Telemark Level 3 as my current goal. I am the President of the Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors.

I have many places I love to ski at Silver Star. Come ski with me and I will happily share them with you!

Denys Lawrence.jpg
Eamon Doherty

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF 2, CSIA Course Conductor 

Favorite Run: Robillard's Rush, great for short turns and powder days

I've been teaching skiing since 1993. The first 10 years in Ottawa, On, Canada at Camp Fortune and since 2003 SilverStar Mountain Resort. Our time together will be spent improving your skiing while having fun exploring the mountain I enjoy working with all skiers, from beginners to experts

See you soon! Cheers… Eamon

Ellen Megaw

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favourite Run: Deer Park  or Three Wise Men

This will be my third season teaching at SilverStar. I started skiing when I was seven and have had a huge passion for it ever since. Being able to call SilverStar my home moutain is one thing but being able to teach other people, mostly kids, and my passion in such a great place is another. I am excited to see what the 2017-2018 season brings!

Emma Enns

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favorite Run: The Face

I have grown up skiing on SilverStar Mountain since the young age of one and continue to love every moment of skiing I get. I raced with the Vernon Ski Club for eight years before discovering my passion for teaching. I taught with the Ski Club for two seasons and then made my way to the Adventure Centre where I have been teaching for the last five seasons. If I’m not found skiing on the mountain I can usually be found training / competing horses in dressage or studying Biology and French at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna. With a love for skiing and seven seasons of teaching experience under my belt I am more than happy to share my knowledge and passion with you!

Emma Hutton

Qualifications: CASI 2

Favourite Run: Carving down Lower Big Dipper

Hello! This is my 4th season returning to teach at SilverStar (aka the best place in the world!) I am 18 years old and have been travelling from my home town of the Sunshine Coast in Australia to SilverStar for the past 13 seasons. I started skiing here when I was six, then learnt to snowboard when I was seven and never looked back! I love teaching and sharing my passion for all things snowboarding and exploring all of SilverStar's amazing terrain. I am currently training and competing in Snowboard Cross and had success at the Australian National University Games, placing 3rd in the event. At home in Australia I am studying for a Bachelor of Business and Marketing and compete with my horse Charlotte in Show Jumping!

Gerard Beallie

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSIA Level 2 Course Conductor, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1

Favorite Run: Gypsy Queen

I started skiing at 12 years old in the school program in Jasper, Alberta.  It was a full week of afternoon lessons and of course enough time to get into some trouble with friends out on the hill before loading up the bus and heading to town.  Maybe that’s what sparked my love of the sport which still drives me today. I moved to Vernon six years ago and found SilverStar to be such a great place to ski and train that I credit SilverStar for helping me obtain my goals.  Not sure if it’s all the great people and skiers, or possibly the mountain but whatever it is, it’s special.  I hope to take you out for a tour of the mountain and teach you the tools to enable you to reach your goals.

Gerry Goudge

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 3

Favourite Run: Bondiablo

Gerry started skiing in Montreal 70 years ago, and this will be his 53rd year teaching!  He has taught for many ski areas in Canada and the USA.  He came to Vernon in 1966 from the Banff area, and was the Ski School Director for SilverStar from 1972 to 1982.  Gerry's high energy, enthusiasm, and love of teaching skiing is infectious.  His specialty is helping skiers of all ages to overcome their fear and start to enjoy his favourite sport.  "I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your skiing, in complete control."

George Young

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor, CANSI XC Level 3, Tele Level 2, CSCF Level 2

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer

George has taught skiing since the early 60’s and spent 4 years living in Europe where he skied extensively throughout the Alps. Having skied in every month of the year and tried sand dunes to stretch his sense of the absurd, he loves to pass on his joy in what a pair of skis will do – flat, uphill or downhill! George has promised not to grow up until he’s at least a hundred!

Glenn McPherson

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1, CANSI Level 1

Favourite Run: Normania

Being a local, I’ve been fortunate to call SilverStar my home during winter. Skiing has been a big part of my life. It is also something I get to share with other people. Whether you are a nervous beginner or a competent parallel skier, I'm confident that I can help make your visit at SilverStar the best ever.

Glenn Wurtele

Qualifications: Level 4 Instructor/ France, Level 4 Elite Coach/ Canada

Favourite Run: Holy Smokes

Former National Ski Team Men's Head Coach. Managed to ski most of the world's great mountain ranges including Europe, North America, Scandinavia, South America and China. Always searching for the "perfect" turn.

Glenn Wurtele.jpg
Grant Rutherglen

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 4, CSCF Course Conductor

Level 4 CSIA , Senior 4 Coach CSCF (grandfathered), CADS National Team Coach 1981 thru 1989. Kite Flying expert, May 1st 1973 Sunshine Village up top of the Great Divide. 45 years a CSIA member / 45 years a CSCF Course Conductor. A Red Mountain Racer in one way or another for 55 years. Vernon Ski Club Mentor Coach and Entry Level Coach. Since 2013. Author of the book “The Dart” an account of the development of ski racers in Canada.

Grant Rutherglen.jpg
Gustav Eriknauer

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

This will be my first season working as a ski instructor in SilverStar. I’m from Denmark and have been skiing a lot in Europe, especially Austria and Norway. I’m a very passionate skier and have been eager to hit the slopes and deep pow in Canada. Aside from skiing, I play soccer and tennis and have been a certified tennis coach for three seasons. I’m very much looking forward to getting a great season going at SilverStar.

Gustav Eriknauer.jpg
Harry Baird

Qualifications: SBINZ Level 2

Favorite Run: Too hard to choose just one!

I’m from Adelaide, Australia and I’m 25 years old. I’ve been teaching snowboarding since I was 21 and this will be my 3rd year at SilverStar but coming into my 8th season all up. Snowboarding is something amazing to me that everyone should enjoy!

Hjalte Jackobsen

Hello, my name is Hjalte and this is my first season working as a ski instructor at SilverStar.  I’m from the small country Denmark, in Europe. Growing up in a country without mountains hasn’t stopped my passion for skiing - it has given me the chance to travel around the world to ski, and has taken me to countries like the US, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and more. It all started at the age of three, when my Dad taught me how to ski on a freezing cold slope in Norway. Since then my love for skiing has only grown stronger and now I can’t wait to teach others the great feeling of riding down the slope. I hope to see you on the mountain.

Hjalte Jakobsen.jpg
Holly Enns

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favourite Run: Rustty Whistle

The 2017-2018 season will be my 4th season teaching up at SilverStar. I began skiing before I was two years old and I haven't stopped since. I spent three years racing with the Vernon ski club, which grew my skills and encouraged my love for skiing. I can't wait to see what this season has in store for me, I hope to see you on the slopes!

Inge Van Cleef

Qualifications: CASI Level 1, APSI Adaptive Level 1

Favourite Run: Deer Park

Giving up my full-time job as a social worker to come to SilverStar in 2008 and learn to snowboard is the best decision I ever made. Nine years and a few laps around the world later, I’m back as an instructor.

I love helping people to learn the sport that I love and I will run up and down that hill with you until I see the twinkle in your eyes.

As a social worker I’ve got a lot of experience in working with kids, teenagers and adults with disabilities, learning and behavioural issues. Snowboarding is a sport for everyone and I hope to see all kinds of people on the hill and in my classes, no matter what age, no matter what physical or mental ability.

See you out there!

Inge Van Cleef.jpg
Jack McDonald

Qualifications: CASI Level 1

This will be my first season at SilverStar - I originate from Melbourne, Australia. I discovered my passion for snowboarding on a school camp to Falls Creek Mountain as a 14-year-old. That was where I fell in love with the mountains. From that point on, I knew I wanted to teach a skill that has made me so happy for years and has taken me to mountains in Japan and New Zealand, along with my local hill, Mt Hotham in the Australian Alps. I am super keen to see the smile on people’s faces when they link their first turns, just like mine nearly ten years ago!

Jack McDonald.jpg
James Smith

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1

2017-18 will be my 5th winter at SS, fingers crossed for a good one.  My 11th and counting, including winters in Whistler, NZ and Europe.  After spending my summer at SS biking I’m excited to explore those secret hidden spots you guys don’t know about.  

Join us for some turns you won’t regret it.

James Smith.jpg
Jason Perry

Hey, I’m from Wellington, New Zealand. This will be my first season working at SilverStar. I have been boarding since the young age of 11 and just fell in love with the feeling of gliding on the snow. When boarding back home I spend most of my time off trail.

I am a big fan of any sport and love getting active and trying new things.

Jason Perry.jpg
Jesse McClintock

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CADS Level 2, AST Level 1, CAA Level 1, OFA Level 3

I love to ski and ride my bicycle, and when I’, not doing that I consider myself a connoisseur of the tacos.

Jesse Mohr

Qualifications: CASI Level 2

Favourite Run: Southern Cross

This will be my first season working at SilverStar and I could not be more excited for it! Snowboarding is a huge passion of mine and to be able to help others experience it and see the joy on their faces when they make their first turn is a sight I will never get sick of. I look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

Jesse Mohr.jpg
Jessica Caltabiano

I’m an Aussie girl ready to hit the slopes at SilverStar. I’ve been skiing for the last nine years in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. From all my family trips, I have fallen in love with the sport and I’m eager to start teaching it at SilverStar. At home I’m a Secondary School Maths and Physical Education teacher, and I’m looking forward to transferring my teaching skills from the classroom to the slopes. Ever since I started skiing at the age of 12, I’ve dreamed of living and working in the snow and now I can’t believe my dream is coming true. I can’t wait to start the season and hit the slopes.

Jessica Caltabiano.jpg
Johan Weidemann

Hello guys! My name is Johan Weidemann, I’m 19 years old and I come from Denmark. I have been skiing with my friends and family since I was a little kid. I have never been skiing in Canada before, so I am super hyped and excited for my first season in SilverStar!

Johan Weidemann.jpg
John-Ross McLean

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer, Minerva & Black Pines area

John-Ross (JR) McLean.jpg
Jonathan Bell

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favorite Run: Deer Park

This will be my second season at SilverStar. I am originally from the UK and learnt to ski in Austria when I was four. After many family ski trips all over Europe, I realised that I wanted to become a ski instructor. I came to Canada a year later and got my CSIA Level 1 and Level 2 Ski. Since then I dreamed of living close to the mountains and two years ago my family and I moved to Vernon.

I love the mountain culture that SilverStar has to offer and spend a lot of my summer up here guiding clients on the bike trails.

I love everything about skiing and hope I can share that passion with other skiers.

Josefine Bech

Hey everyone. I’m Josefine from Denmark, and I've loved skiing since I was four years old. This is my first season at SilverStar. You might think that we don’t have any mountains in Denmark, and you’d be correct! So I have been on ski trips to many other countries in Europe. I have always wanted to become a ski instructor because I love challenging myself and I want others to get the same excitement and joy that I get every time I’m on the mountains.

See you on the slopes!

Josefine Bech.jpg
Josephine Langer

I’m 19 years old and I come from Copenhagen, greeting you with some Scandinavian energy! This is my first season at SilverStar. I am very excited to be a part of the team and to share my passion for skiing!

Josephine Langer.jpg
Justinus Adriaanse

CSIA Level 2

Growing up in South Africa I only saw snow for the first time at 18. From

my first time on Skis, I could not get enough. When it was time for a career change in my

30’s I decided to come to Canada, and ski as much as possible. I love sharing my passion

with people and helping them concur the mountain!

Favourite Run - Three Wise Men


Karen Hutchison

Qualifications: CASI Level 2

Karen Hutchison.jpg
Keith Eliason

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSIA Level 3 course conductor, CSCF Level 3

Favorite Run: Doog Nog

Hello my name is Keith Eliason. I am a Level 4 CSIA ski instructor and a Level 3 CSCF race coach. This is my 15th year working as a ski instructor at SilverStar Mountain Resort. I have been one of the trainers for the SnowSports school for eight years as well.  I have a large back ground in high level ice hockey playing up to the WHL level and am a certified personal trainer as well. When I am not skiing I am also a competitive sprinter and have a passion for just about any sport. I have had the privilege of working and skiing with some of the top ski instructors and coaches in the country as well as working closely with some of Canada’s top personal trainers, track and field coaches and athletes. I have been skiing at SilverStar since I was four years old and have come to call it my home.  I hope I see you all out on the slopes and we can share a run together!

Kristen Heard

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CSCF Level 1, CANSI Level 1

I started skiing when I three years old back in Australia at Perisher. I grew up in the ski industry as my family had a ski shop for 15 years, which was a lot of fun. I’ve been coming to SilverStar since the age of 14 and fell in love with the mountain - 13 years later, I’m still not sick of this beautiful place.

I love being able to share and teach one of my passions with any age. Seeing people improve during a lesson is a very rewarding feeling, especially when you can see it on their face.

I also am a photographer, so if you see a girl skiing with a large camera around the hill, that’s more than likely me.

Come say hi and I look forward to skiing with you and having fun!

Kristen Heard.jpg
Lacklan Brealey

I started skiing when I was 11 years old and have been fortunate to travel to some amazing spots in the past 13 years, including; Japan, Australia, New Zealand and America, but there has always been something that draws me to a Canadian winter! This will be my first year working as a ski instructor and I cannot wait to use some of my skills to teach children and adults across varying skillsets. I want to be able to share my knowledge of the sport and help people get the most out of their skiing experience. I hope this is the first of many winters at SilverStar. 

Lachlan Brealey.jpg
Laura Nyrup

My name is Laura Nyrup and I turned 19 this summer. I grew up in a small town named Norre Snede in Denmark. As part of a true sports family soccer has been a major part of my identity and life. Since the age of four I have skied with my family every winter. We have visited many different ski destinations over the years, mainly in Norway, Sweden, Austria, and Italy. For the past few years I have been certain that my gap year would involve lots of skiing and unique experiences. When I heard about the possibility of becoming a ski instructor, it seemed like the perfect choice for me. I’m really excited about combining my love for skiing with working life.

Laura Nyrup.jpg
Laurence Gray

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

I grew up in England, so I learned to ski in France and Austria. Skiing with my family has been a yearly event since I was about five years old, but I craved more so I decided to come to Canada and get qualified so that I can share my passion for this amazing sport.

Laurence Gray.jpg
Laurits Jensen

Qualifications: CASI Level 2, CSIA Level 1

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer, but everything with snow on will do!

I LOVE SNOWBOARDING! And everything that have to do with it! I’m from the flat country Denmark, but have been chasing the snow all around Europe as long as I can remember. But that was until I found the hidden diamond of SilverStar and I’m now returning for my second season. Here I can truly outlive and share my passion. Riding and teaching snowboarding every day in beautiful conditions and amongst amazing people. Come and have fun, no matter if you are beginner or expert, there is always a new trick to learn and a new adventures to explore!

Laurits Jensen.jpg
Lis Strautins

Qualifications: CASI Level 1

Favourite Run: Zyper

Excited to be back for season six - I love SilverStar and having the opportunity to get others involved in the sport. I came late to snowboarding so I’m pretty sympathetic to the adults learning and in awe of the little guys who pick it up so quick!

Livvy Cox

Qualifications: CASI Level 1

Favorite Run: Peanut Trail

Hey! I'm 23 and from the UK. SilverStar is my favourite mountain, where my fondest childhood memories were made. This is where I learnt how to ski and snowboard, with snowboarding being my main discipline now. Since I had my first holiday here about 15 years ago, I've dreamed of doing a ski season. I am beyond excited to work at the SnowSports School and to call this my mountain my home for my first season. I'm used to the seasonal work having been a beach lifeguard in Cornwall, UK for four summers. I've done a bit of travelling too, covering Australia and New Zealand. 

Livvy Cox.jpg
Ludvig Höglund

Qualifications: CASI Level 1

Favourite Run: Alder Point

I originate from the Vikings, a true Norseman who loves the winter and cold.

Ludvig Holgund.jpg
Mads Christensen

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

This is going to be my first season at SilverStar and I’m super excited for the coming winter season. Every winter I have packed my things and left Denmark for a few weeks in the French Alps. This is where I learned the joy of skiing and I couldn’t imagine a winter without it.

Mads Christensen.jpg
Maja Caroee

I’m a 19 year old girl from Denmark and I’m coming to ski in SilverStar for the first time. I have been skiing since I was nine, mainly in Sweden, Norway, and Austria. In my free time I teach karate, which I love, but I have a great passion for skiing and I am so happy to have gotten the opportunity to teach and hopefully spread my passion for the sport!

Maja Caroee.jpg
Måns Österdahl

I have been skiing since I started walking and this will be my first winter in Canada, having worked a couple of winters in a Swedish ski school. I am so excited to meet you on the slopes and share my love for skiing!

I see myself as a free-rider who skis all over the mountain - from the slopes to the powder, through to the freestyle park.

Mans Osterdahl.jpg
Matilda Blomqvist

I grew up in Sweden where I learned to ski at the age of five. Since then I have loved skiing and winter sports. As I got older I went skiing in the Alps and it was there that I spent last season working as a ski instructor. It´s a real pleasure to have the opportunity to share my passion for skiing with other people. I am really happy about getting to know SilverStar Mountain over the coming season. When I’m not working as a ski instructor, I work as a primary school teacher.

Matilda Nikamo

I’m born and raised in Sweden, where I had started to ski by the time I could walk. I have travelled a lot growing up and have skied all over Sweden, parts of the US and throughout the Alps. This is my first season at SilverStar and I’m super excited to experience Canada.

I love the snow and everything about skiing - I hope to share that passion with others. If you spot a blue-eyed, blonde girl with a big smile on her face, that would be me. Don’t hesitate to say hi! See you on the slopes!

Matilda  Nikamo.jpg
Matthew Kreutz

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1, CSCF Level 1

Matthew Millington

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CSIA Park Level 1  

Favourite Run: Park laps upon park laps!

Hi, I’m Matt. This is my second season ski Instructing and my first season at SilverStar. I hail from Wales in the UK. There’s no snow there… but I love skiing nevertheless! You’ll probably find me tearing up all the fresh fluffy pow or lapping the park on repeat in my spare time.

Matthew Millington.jpg
Matthew Wass

I’m from the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. I decided to leave all the sand and surf behind to pursue my love for snowboarding. Up until now, snowboarding has really only been a hobby, but now I want to get more serious and further my skills and make a career out of it. I’m a big believer in the saying “if you love what you do, then you never really work a day in your life”, and that the experiences and memories you make in life are far more valuable than money. This will be my first of many seasons and I can’t wait to start this next stage in my life.

Matthew Wass.jpg
Maurice Quinn

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2, CADS Level 2, CANSI Nordic Level 1, CANSI Telemark Level 1

Favourite Run: Robillard’s Rush

This will be my seventh season teaching skiing and I love the diversity that teaching both alpine and nordic brings to my day. I am very lucky to share my time teaching children and adults with sensory, cognitive or physical disabilities. Some of my most cherished moments on skis have come from those lessons. In many ways we are all adapting when we ski - whether it be to the terrain we are on, the conditions of the snow and/or the physical and mental state we bring to the mountain on a given day. I am able to draw on my experiences in teaching both nordic and alpine skiing to bring positive changes to my guest’s experiences on our mountain. I have infinite patience and always have a smile on my face!

Megan O'Reilly

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favourite Run: Cloud 9

I come from a ski family and have followed the footsteps of my dad to pursue ski instructing. I learned to ski on the icy and chilly hills of Québec and now I feel spoiled to have the opportunity to ride in some fresh powder at SilverStar. See you on the slopes!

Mel Dekker

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2 Trained

Favourite Run: Holy Smokes

I learned how to ski at Spring Hill, Manitoba which has a 125 foot vertical.  I loved it right away but I knew there was more, so I took a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1978.  Now that is a ski hill; bottomless powder to boot.  In the years to come, I took many trips out west and came to SIlver Star where the snow, the view, the temperature, and the people are excellent.  I moved to Vernon, and who could blame me?  There was and still is true passion for skiing here, which being an instructor, I love to pass on.  Just thinking about the wind in my face as I am sliding down the mountains makes me SMILE every time.

Mick Ban

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3 - CSCF Level 1

Favorite Run: Big Dipper

I have been skiing since the age of 4. Having Austrian parents who were keen skiers meant I was always destined to be a skier. At the age of 13 I started competing in alpine skiing events, representing my State and then my Country until I was 26. During this time, I skied in America and Europe and loved every minute of it. I fell in love with Silver Star back in 1990 and have been coming back every year since.  Having skied the world, I believe Silver Star offers the best of everything, I just love it. My passion is skiing and imparting my love of the sport onto people I meet and teach. Enjoy the snow and always have fun.

Mick Ban.jpg
Mike Bell

Qualifications: CANSI Level 4 Nordic, CCC Coach Level 3

Hello!  My Nordic passion started in the ski hills around Montreal, Quebec and I eventually moved west to volunteer as a coach for larger BC clubs, as well as our Canadian National Ski Team at the Calgary Olympics and Albertville, France Olympics.  I’m a long term Level 4 Nordic ski instructor and Level 3 coach presently volunteering at Sovereign Lake Nordic for Masters Club members. Canadian Masters Director - BC Division, and active Masters Racer with World Cup Masters Racers.

My goal for my clients is to ensure they improve their on snow skills and share some laughter on our world class nordic area here on the mountain. I always get excited about meeting new people and helping them learn to continuously improve their skiing.  See you on the snow. 


Nathan Allen

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favourite Run: Deer Park 

I have been skiing for a decade - since I was a wee lad. Since then I have skied at many mountains but would rate SilverStar in my top. You can usually find me on the backside smashing some moguls, taking her easy on the Comet groomers or just sending it. I’ve worked at SilverStar for two years and enjoy teaching and seeing my student’s progress and develop a love for skiing.

Neave Allen

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favorite Run: Deer Park

Born and raised in Vernon, BC, I've been skiing since I was seven years old and enjoy all aspects of the great outdoors. I'm super exited to work at SilverStar this season and share my passion for skiing with others!

Niall Haslam

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Having learned to ski over ten years ago, I have pursued my passion for skiing all over the world after becoming a Ski Instructor in 2012. This is my first season working at SilverStar having spent two seasons in New Zealand, as well as three more in Alberta prior to that. I used to be a personal trainer, so teaching people new skills and seeing progress is something I have great pleasure in doing.

Niall Haslam.jpg
Nicolai Thomsen

My name is Nicolai Thomsen, I am a Danish 20 year old that loves to ski. I have been skiing all my life and have dreamed of becoming a ski instructor. The funny thing is I hated my first few days - I was scared that it would hurt me if I fell. But once I learned to “control” my skis and had my first crash, I knew what I wanted to do.

So I started to save up some money so I could become an instructor and do the thing that I love.

Nicolai Thomsen.jpg
Niklas Maansson

This is my first season working at SilverStar and I’m super excited about spending my first season in Canada! I’m in my early 20s and I’m originally from Denmark, where there are no mountains. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love skiing. I’ve been skiing in the Austrian and French Alps on several trips with my friends and family over the years. Now I'm in Canada and I’m looking forward to sharing my passion with other skiers and seeing the kids smile and having fun while learning how to ski.

Nicklas Maansson.jpg
Nils Ahlstrom


This is my second season at SilverStar and I’m super stoked for another winter. 1 year ago I packed my stuff, left a rainy Sweden, arrived to an even rainier Vancouver, took a bus to winter wonderland and haven’t looked back since. I love spreading my knowledge about skiing and the biggest reward is when I see kids smiling after a good tree run or their first turns. The first thing you’ll notice about me is probably my long blonde hair (I often get mistaken for a girl) or my big smile.  When I’m not in the slopes you’ll probably find me at Lj’s with a burger in my hand (I LOVE BURGERS). If you see me out on the mountain don’t be shy to ask questions and we’ll share some fresh powder or groomers

Favourite Run - Lower Big Dipper

Norm Crerar

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CANSI Level 4, CSCF Level 3, NZ Level 2, USA Full Cert, France Auxiliar

Favorite Run: Normania

Teaching skiing for 50 years, Alpine and XC.  Former Ski School Director, Ski Area Manager, and Ski Area Owner (retired)

Paige Scully

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1, CASI Level 2

Favourite Run: Lower Big Dipper

Hi there! My name is Paige and I’m a snowboarder and skier from Melbourne, Australia. I grew up skiing with my father for 13 years and then added snowboarding in to the mix and fell in love with it straight away. I’ve raced in the Australian Interschool’s my whole life and came first with my team the past three years running.

This year will be my second year instructing at SilverStar and my sixth time on the mountain. I absolutely adore the atmosphere and variation on the slopes here and I wouldn’t choose any other mountain as my home resort.

I can’t wait to meet you out on the slopes or hopefully in a lesson where we can shred it up!

Paige Scully.jpg
Pat Gerrie

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CASI Level 1, CANSI Level 1, CADS Level 1, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor

Favourite Run: Gypsy Queen on a powder day and the Over the Hill Downhill course on a need for speed day.

I have over 35 years of teaching, coaching and ski school director experience. Having run ski schools in both Canada and Australia gives me a wide range of experiences to draw upon to help you get the most out of your time at SilverStar.  My main goal is to help you experience the passion I feel when I'm out in the mountains. No matter the weather, it’s a great place to be!

Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned double black skier, I welcome you to come and explore the hill with me.

Peggy Kassa

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1, CASI Level 1, CANSI Cross Country Level 1, CANSI Telemark Level 1

Favourite Run: Moonbeam

I have been teaching skiing since 1970 with a few years off to raise kids. Skiing is truly a passion of mine!

Phoebe Todd

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Heyya! I am a true New Zealand country girl, raised in a tiny wee place in the Southern Alps. I absolutely love working with children inside and outside of the classroom. This is my second season at SilverStar and I am so excited to spend another winter skiing and learning with the awesome children who come to SilverStar.

Rachel Wooley

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 1, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Glade Runner

My first visit to Silver Star was in 1999 and I fell in love with the people and the resort.  This led to longer and longer holidays each year and eventually my husband and I decided to change our lives to enable us to teach here in the winter. As a result I have now been teaching skiing since 2005 and continue working in Accountancy or Process Re-enginnering during the summer. 

I thoroughly enjoy the variety each and every day offers teaching either downhill or cross country skiing and being able to share my passion for the sport. My most memorable skiing moment is the first time I put ski boots on and my most memorable teaching moments are when a person realises their ambition or when fear is replaced by a smile.

Rachel Wooley.jpg
Rasmus Jorgensen

Qualifications: Austrian Anwärter Level 1

Favourite Run: Whiskey Jack

Hi my name Rasmus! I’m a tall ski-loving guy from Denmark, who has been skiing all over Europe and Japan. This is my first season working at SilverStar Resort and I cannot wait to teach and play around in the snow! Back in flat Denmark I love longboarding and kitesurfing but now I am in the British Columbian Mountains, I’m looking forward helping a lot of new skiers get into the sport, so that they can get the same amazing feeling that I cannot live without!   

Rasums Jorgensen.jpg
Rianne Pessel

This is my first season at SilverStar and I'm super excited for the upcoming winter! I'm from the Netherlands and I started snowboarding when I was only ten years old. Over the past four years I've been a snowboard instructor in Austria and I'm ready for a new adventure. My big passion is snowboarding and I love to share this passion with people who want to conquer the mountain!

Rodger Poole

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CANSI XC Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CSIA Level 4 & 3 Course Conductor, APSI Telemark Level 1, Back-country Avalanche Certification

Favourite Run: Quicksilver

I moved to Vernon in 2005 to work at SilverStar and it was the best move I ever made. This gem of a mountain has it all. Whether you're looking for steeps and bumps, amazing groomers, easy learning terrain, a sweet terrain park, world class cross-country skiing, or an outstanding race centre, it's all on our doorstep. It's also home to some of the most passionate and talented skiers and coaches you'll ever find.

I split my time in the winter between training the pros at the SilverStar SnowSports School, running CSIA Instructor Certification courses and working as U12 Lead Coach and Entry Level Coordinator with our local race team at the Vernon Ski Club. I also work with skiers of all ages who are looking to improve their ability with the help of a knowledgeable and fun ski pro.

Sandy Cook

Qualifications: CANSI Level 4, CSIA Level 3,  TELE Level 1, CSCF Level 2

Favourite Run:  Alpine: GongShow;  Nordic: Alder Point

I have lived in the SilverStar community for 22 years, coming from Thunder Bay, Ontario.  I’ve been involved in the ski industry most of my life.  I enjoy meeting people and seeing them improve. I am also a Mechanical Engineer and Kinesiologist - both of these are relevant to explaining the mechanics of sport to clients.

Sara Fredriksson

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

I’m from Sweden and I started skiing when I was three years old. Since then I have skied extensively in both the Scandinavian and European mountains and now it’s time to try the Canadian ones! I love powder, as well as fresh slopes, and have indulged my passion for speed by practicing alpine skiing in a club for several years. When I don’t ski I’m a sailing instructor at tall ships. Really looking forward to share my passion for snow and speed with you!

Sara Fredriksson.jpg
Sebastian Liljare

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favourite Run: Whiskey Jack

My parents put me on skis as soon as I could stand up and I’ve loved skiing ever since. Living in Sweden made ski trips obligatory and it’s not a real winter until I’ve skied for at least a couple of weeks. My last winter was spent in SilverStar and not going back for another season was never an option.

Sebastian Liljare.jpg
Signe Anderson

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

Favorite Run: All of them

This is my first season at SilverStar and my first season working as an instructor. However, it is definitely not my first season in the snow. I grew up in a family where it is normal to go skiing, so I have been on the hills ever since I can remember. I live in Denmark, so when we go skiing it is usually in Norway, Sweden or Italy. Aside from skiing I love to play badminton, which is a hobby of mine. I am usually one of the first on the hill in the morning and one of the last to go home in the evening. You can always find me with a smile on my face and if you see me on the hill, don't hesitate to come and say hi.     

Signe Andersen.jpg
Simon Gagnon

Qualifications: CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 2

Favorite Run: Doog Nog

I’m from Quebec and have been skiing since the age of two. I raced until the age of 15 all the way up to the Provincial Circuit, following on from which, I decided to start teaching and coaching. Since this moment I haven’t stopped skiing and teaching. This will be my sixth season in BC and I have also done four seasons in Australia. When in doubt, go faster…

Simon Marks

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1

Favorite Run: Gypsy Queen.  Skiing Gypsy Queen with Norman Kreutz in perfect powder snow on a beautiful January morning in 2005.

Simon has been a passionate skier since his teens.  He took up skiing at Mt Hotham in Australia where he developed a deep love of the mountains and winter sports.  He is still a member of one of Mt Hotham’s oldest clubs, the Ski Club of East Gippsland (SCEG).  He first came to SilverStar in 2004 and joined the SnowSports School as an instructor soon after.  In his other life, Simon is a practicing commercial barrister at the Victorian Bar in Melbourne but he returns to SilverStar every year with his family to their winter home in Parsons Lane.  He is now a senior member of the School with lots of knowledge and experience about the mountain.  He always knows where to find the best snow and best skiing.

Sine Sørensen

Hello, my name is Sine, I am 20 years old and I come from Denmark. I just graduated from high school and I am now ready for a season working at SliverStar as a ski instructor. I have been skiing since I was a kid with my family, mostly in Austria and therefore I am now looking forward to a season at SliverStar.  See you in the snow!

Sine Sorensen.jpg
Siobhan Roche

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

The 2017-2018 season will be my first working at SilverStar. I grew up in Perth, Western Australia and have always had a love for skiing ever since my first family skiing holiday at the age of six. I have since travelled to as many skiing locations as I could to better my skills in the hope of one day becoming a ski instructor. I love the winter weather and all of the fun activities that come with it.

I’m looking forward to meeting plenty of new faces and sharing my passion of skiing with you all. 

Sofie Bruhn

Qualifications: CSIA Level 1

I am 20 years old and I come from Denmark. I have just finished high school and now I am spending the winter here at SilverStar. I have been skiing with my family for 14 years, mostly in the northern part of Norway. I love high speed when running down the piste, but also the technique and concentration needed off piste. I am very much looking forward to teaching at SilverStar Mountain Resort, and I cannot wait for the season to begin. See you soon!

Sofie Bruhn.jpg
Spike Kenny

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1, AST Level 1

Favourite Runs: Spirit Bowl

I started skiing in Italy when I was 14, since then I have skied throughout Europe, Western Canada and in New Zealand.

The biggest reward for me is that moment when my I see that big grin on my guests faces… it could be the first green or double black; it`s that realisation that skiing really is fun…. we all make that grin – for the lucky ones, we get to grin every day.

Amongst other things, I used to shear sheep and train sheep dogs for a living.  In my day, I would comfortably clip 300 ewes a day.

I am very proud of the awards I have achieved whilst working at SilverStar.  I was recognised by the CSIA as Canadian Ski Instructor of the Year in both the 2012 and 2014 seasons. Also in the 2014 season, my colleagues at SilverStar voted me as Trainer of the Year.

Spike Kenny.jpg
Stephen Feedham

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CADS Level 1

Favourite Run: All of Them!!

I have taught in Canada and overseas.  I am a 25 plus year member of the CSIA/CSCF.  I have been fortunate enough to have run several ski schools of my own over the years and I still find SilverStar one of the best areas around.  To help someone experience the joy in skiing is the best! 

Stephen Tanos

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Three Wise Men, steep and deep.

I was older when I really started skiing. Just like you, I wanted to get better so I took lessons. Fast forward and here I am at SilverStar where I’ve been teaching for more than 10 years. I love skiing and would love to have you in one of my classes, private or group. See you on the slopes!!

Steve Feedham

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 2, CADS Level 1

Favorite Run: All of them!

Forty plus years teaching! I still enjoy being able to open the world of skiing to someone who has never experienced it before. For me skiing has allowed me to travel, see and ski many parts of the world. I am a home grown valley boy who still finds skiing here the best.

Steve Feedham.jpg
Steve Tanos

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 1

Favourite Run: Three Wise Men

SilverStar has a wonderful sense of community and I'm glad you are considering it for your skiing destination. I didn't start skiing as a child and I think that gives me a different perspective on the sport. I have a simple, uncomplicated approach and would love to see you in one of my lessons. Thanks for looking at our ski school. 

Tabitha Smith

Qualifications: CSIA Level 2

Favourite Run: Kirkenheimer

This will be my seventh season working for the SnowSports School, I am passionate about teaching, and about skiing. I can usually be found running around the adventure centre.

Tabi Smith.jpg
Tahnee Pinches

Qualifications: CASI Level 1

Favourite Run: Love a bit of fresh powder on the backside and Whiskey Jack is always a treat

Heya crew! I’m Tahnee and this will be my 6th winter at the magical SilverStar, and my second winter as part of the SnowSports team. I hail from the land of Kangaroos and Platypus - for those of you who don’t know - I mean gold, old Australia. This comes with a perk - I will be arriving with a suitcase full of Vegemite for those who dare to try. I am a die-hard snowboarder who gets super thrilled with fresh powder and the wonderful smiling faces of other snow bunnies. I love hanging with the kiddies, teaching them how to ride lumps and bumps, and seeing the excitement on their faces when they complete their first turn. My goal is to get everyone as psyched as I am to spend days on end on the mountain. See you all ready and geared up for a super winter.

Thomas Music

Qualifications: CASI Level 1

Favourite Run: Cantastic to Doognog

Ever since I was young I have shared my family’s passion for skiing and snowboarding. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than sharing this love and seeing people have fun and improve their skills and love for the sport.

Thomas Music.jpg
Toban Harris

Qualifications: CASI Level 2

Favourite Run: Any run that’s steep with some fun drops. Terrain park.

Coming from Newcastle, Australia - a seven hour drive from the nearest snow resort - I didn’t actually start snowboarding until the age of 17. Having grown up surfing my whole life, snowboarding was the natural choice. Ever since that first trip I have fell in love with the sport and have chased snow in many different countries. I lived in Japan for 18 months, working two winters in Hokkaido, and have also done one season in Whistler. I’ve lived in Canada for just over one year now and I’m looking forward to joining the team at SilverStar for my fourth working winter season. 

Toban Harris.jpg
Val Tinker

Qualifications: CSIA Level 3, CANSI Level 2 cross-country, CANSI Level 1 telemark, CSCF Level 1 Certified

Favorite Run: Sundance / Over The Hill

This is too long of a story… Let’s meet on the hill and make some turns, maybe then some facts will come out…