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Meet Our Sponsored Athletes & Ambassadors

Meet Our Sponsored Athletes & Ambassadors



Location: Peachland

Speciality: DH Racing

About: I'm a lifetime Okanagan resident have been coming to SilverStar Bike Park since 2002 when the only lift for bikes was the two seater Summit SkyChair. SSBP has been constantly growing as a resort at the same time that mountain biking has some of its biggest changes. It's awesome having so much variety in one spot so close to home. See you on the trails this summer!" – Anthony


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Photo: Robb Thompson Photography



Location: Vernon

Speciality: DH Racing

About Hayden: I grew up riding bikes in Alberta. I remember watching videos of the pros jumping and I really wanted to ride like them so in our yard, I turned anything and everything that I could into dirt jumps including the flower beds! When I was five, my dad introduced me to BMX racing and I raced for four years. Then when I was eight he bought me a Kona Stinky 24 while we were on a road trip to SilverStar. I don’t think I even looked at my BMX bike after that! We road tripped a few times a year to BC to ride the SilverStar Bike Park, then my dreams came true in the spring of 2015 when my family sprung the news that we were moving to Vernon. I feel honoured to be part of the team and am definitely living the dream!

About Pete: As I’m the oldest athlete on the SilverStar team, my biking career is also quite long. I grew up in North Vancouver riding BMX bikes. I started BMX racing when I was 13 years old in 1978 and after a bike shop sponsorship and a few support sponsorships, in 1985 I became the first Canadian to earn a full factory sponsorship from a United States team, Team GT. I was living the dream at 18, being paid a great salary and having the opportunity to be flown around the U.S. and Canada to race bikes. I have ridden mountain bikes since 1987 when I was a bike courier in Vancouver. We would ride up Cypress Mountain on the road then take the BLT trail back down. My first season of Downhill racing was in 1994 on a bike with a whopping 50mm of travel! In September of 1994 I raced the UCI Grundig World Cup Finals, which was the very first World Cup DH Race in Canada and it was right here at Silverstar. With my son Hayden getting into downhill racing I couldn’t resist racing again! It is a lot more fun than just watching! This summer Hayden and I will be competing in the BC Cup Downhill series.


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Location: Vernon

Speciality: Enduro Racing / Freestyle

About: I started riding as early as I can remember, I was building jumps and doing stunts where ever I could. Growing up in Banff there was no shortage of extreme terrain and natural trails to ride. What I looked forward to most of all were the trips we would make out to Silver Star to ride the impeccably groomed and manicured trails - I couldn’t believe how good it could be. I would study the videos on the SilverStar website, so inspired by every curve and contour. My Dad and I traveled out six times to ride the summer before we finally moved here in 2011. Since that time I have been riding as much as I possibly can, rain or snow of blistering hot, always challenging myself to go that much faster or smoother, or bigger. I’ve definitely broken a lot of bikes! (Thanks Mom and Dad ;).  I just love to ride, feeling one with my bike and the terrain and nature. I love sharing that feeling with young riders through volunteer coaching with Sprockids. While still pretty new to Enduro, with just a few races in 2015, in 2016, I managed to come in second in the overall BC East Enduro Series and fourth Nationally, earning me a spot on the Junior National Team. This season is looking great with some great results so far including a win at the MEC BC Enduro Series West in Vernon. I’m headed to three World Series Races this season in Aspen CO, Crankworx in Whistler and Finale Ligure, Italy. I was able to get an athletic scholarship at Quest University to continue training and competing at the World Series level. I feel so lucky to have an area the caliber of SilverStar in my backyard.


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Location: Vernon

Speciality: All Styles

About Noah: I grew up in Vernon and have been coming to Silver Star for as long as I can remember. Between travel and work the bike park is where I spend all my spare time in the summer. Come find me and lets do a lap!


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Location: Washington, US

Speciality: DH Racing

About: I'm an outdoor enthusiast & a bit of an adrenaline junky. I grew up in Wyoming and skied throughout my childhood & learned to mountain bike when my family moved to Montana when I was a teenager. I immediately fell in love with the sport and the community within it, I have always raced and while it was never a goal to race world cups, it's still a great way to ride faster & challenge myself. I relocated to Washington to have access to better dirt and more freeride trails and followed that path straight to SilverStar Bike Park. I love filming, inspiring and encouraging others to ride and progress, and generally just being in the woods on my bike with friends, and am really look forward to an amazing summer at SilverStar Bike Park and look forward to seeing y'all on the trails this summer.



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Location: Vancouver Island

Speciality: All Styles; Slopestyle Background

About Ben: I was born in the small town of Camrose, Alberta but I moved to Vancouver Island at an early age. Growning up on the Island gave me an incredible environment to explore on two wheels. I started out riding cross country with the old man and quickly realized all I wanted to do was get both wheels off the ground as often as I could. I turned my focus to riding dirt jumps and started riding and digging in the local dirt jump scene. After Secondary school I attended Capilano's Mountain Bike Operations program. I met a lot of great people through that course as well I met Cam Sorensen (Bike Park Director). This will be my third year here up at SilverStar as a part of the Trail Crew. I'm excited to be representing SilverStar not only as a trail builder but as a rider. My riding style deffinetly grew from dirt jumpig but has expanded to many different disciplines. I am excited for this upcoming season on the mountain. Along with SIlverStar I will also be representing Mountain Exposure. I cannot thank them enough for the support. See you on the trails!



Photo: Robb Thompson Photography