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Our Role in the Environment

Our Role in the Environment

As a company we believe strongly in minimizing our impact on the environment in order to preserve this incredible natural playground for generations to come. We will continue to invest heavily in the following areas of our operation to help reduce our environmental footprint:

Grooming Fleet - we play an active role in the Tier 3 Emmissions and Fuel Standards Program, creating the most environmentally friendly fleet groomers in the region, running on 20% bio-fuel

Printed Materials - working with print partners who use recycled paper stocks and biodegradable inks, as well as moving to digital communications and reducing our overall printed materials

Office Recycling - encouraging each department to participate in our recycling programs

Government - working with local and provincial government on new and effective energy solutions for our community, as well as sustainable growth strategies that preserve our natural environment

Composting food waste from resort restaurants with Spa Hills Compost. Food waste and other organic material that would typically go to the landfill is used to make chemical-free fertilizer for local farmers.