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What's New

What's New

Summer 2017 has lots in store for riders and visitors to SilverStar Mountain Resort we are making some fantastic progress on our trail development -- taking us one step closer to being the best bike park in North America.

SilverStar Bike Park named #2 Riders Choice in Western Canada for the 4th year running 

Downhill Biking Updates

This season your DH Season pass gives you access to all the xc trails at no added cost including the new trail Beowulf. 

XC Biking Updates

The addition of Beowulf, our new epic xc trail. Five years in the making, this 35+km trail takes you through multiple ecosystems and all around the mountain side. 

Other Summer Resort Updates



Slay The Dragon | Trail Running Race 

Beowulf | Grand Opening 

BC CUP will be returning with the addition of an XC race

The Wine & Food Festival  returns to SilverStar 

and many more. 

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