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What's New

What's New

Summer 2019 has lots in store for riders and visitors to SilverStar Mountain Resort. We've added some exciting new events and races, made some big changes in the village, and we're pushing hard on some fantastic trail developments -- taking us one step closer to being the best Bike Park in North America.


We will be completing work on the new pathways through the village centre this year, as well as bringing back the children's playground. The pond area will also be undergoing some improvements with more information coming soon.


After 15+ years of smashing in new trails every year it's time to revisit those berms that are too tight, the jumps that need better speed constancy and sections that just simply need a little re-work. We had tremendously positive feedback on the updates we did all over the Park last year and these improvements will continue through until 2020 .

Some larger Trail updates include:

  • Pipe Dream.  Lower Pipe has not seen a machine down in the lower section of the trail since it was first open almost 10 years ago.  We will be giving it a full update, pulling up all the berms, crisping up the take offs/landings, and giving it the love this iconic trail so deserves. 
  • Shazam. If any riders caught what we did to the middle section of the trail at the end of the season, there is more in store. The upper section of this trail is one of the highest use trails on the mountain.  This season we will be giving Lower Shazam a full face lift, changing the line, opening the berms, fixing the jumps and giving it the same feel that everyone loves about the upper section. 
  • New Grendel.  Currently there is no assent trail out of the bottom of the Comet Express. Our Enduro Pass holders have to time there lift rides with their passes to make sure they do not get stuck at the bottom.  This new climb trail will take them up through the Deer Park area joining them to the start of Silver Shack, leading them to Beowulf, or an easy return on Cross Mtn. Paved Trail to the village.

AND, this summer we'll be putting a major investment into a new build area. More information on this will be coming later this summer.

Stay tuned for more!


We're pleased to announce the return of several signature events, along with a few new races and family friendly activity days.


  • Okanagan 24 -  Canada’s highest 24 hour mountain bike race
  • Canada Cup - The biggest DH race of the season 
  • Slay the Dragon - Our 3rd Annual trail running race on our EPIC trail Beowulf





Visit our FULL EVENTS CALENDAR for the full schedule of events this summer.


  • SilverStar voted #2 Bike Park in Western Canada in the Riders' Choice Awards for the 5th year running!
  • #3 Ranked Bike Park in North America