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The story has already begun, battles have been fought and glory has become a result.  This is the beginning of the everlasting story of Beowulf! 

In development for the past four years, we’re proud to introduce Beowulf, our newly minted XC epic, named after the poem about a legendary dragon-slaying Scandinavian warrior. Borrowing its name from the poem is a true fit for the trail, capturing the undertaking of building it from beginning to end. The 35km loop takes riders along ridgelines, through cedar rainforests and grassy meadows as it winds its way from the village and back again, covering all of the incredible terrains SilverStar has to offer. A must-do ride for the discerning mountain biker.

We have created The Dragon, it’s your turn to take it on and defeat it!

On Saturday, July 29, 2017, we will be cutting the ribbon for the grand opening of Beowulf and we would love for you to be a part of the first chapter of this legendary story.  You will be treated to riding pristine trails created by the same crew that has provided years of enjoyment, giggles and stories, and this is their masterpiece.  Why let this become another item on your bucket list when you can check it off right now!  Join a group of passionate riders and the festivities that will surround this day and also meet the builders themselves to pick their brains to learn about everything that went into this trail.