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Bike Park Updates

Bike Park Updates

This is where you will find the latest info and dirt on the trails at SilverStar written by our very own Trail Crew Team.

Please Note: Dag's Downhill trail will be CLOSED Saturday the 13th July & Sunday 14th July for the Canada Cup Downhill Race event. 

Bike Park Update, June 18th

T-Minus… Opening Day!

With winter barely showing its face any more, Mother Nature is writing a story for the books this year.  With a warm, dry end to winter and an even warmer spring the trails came out of hibernation sooner than ever!  Mud guard sales will be low at the LBS as there is barely a mud patch on the hill and the trails are shining in their glory. 

Trail crew has been working hard at getting every trail open from the top, the only exception will be the very top of Double Dog.  They have been hard at work filling in holes, chiseling brake bumps and re-stacking berms.  The change that might surprise you is on Walk the Line, between Paradise and Cabin trail, where the two pack of short, smaller jumps after a quick left hander was.  This is now one larger jump and the lefty is a steeper and bigger to hook you around!  Check it out before you hit it, the berm might still be soft until a few tires have rolled through.

On the XC side of things, it’s looking like everything will be open there too!  Beowulf is even looking bright, don’t hold me to it but if all goes well you can be getting into the bottom of Putnam on opening weekend!  There is still some work to be done out there and a few patches of snow but our goal is to have to best opening possible and have Beowulf opening sooner than ever!  The knoll trails also had the pleasure of seeing the North Okanagan Cycling Society kids Ninja program come up to learn about trail building and gave Eric’s trail some well needed love and made a couple line alterations that will be noticed!

So the long and short of it is that this year will be one of the best openings with the most trails open and ready for you to shralp!  The lips are ready for your scrubs, the berms are ready to be roosted and the Red Antler is ready to keep you fueled and fresh! 

Speaking of scrubs and roosts, are you looking to up your game?  Or your kids?  Make sure to check out all of our awesome bike school programs to help take your skills to the next level.  From private lessons to weekly programs there is something for everyone.  There are numerous programs for the kids to take part in over the summer, including Cranked Kid and Park Ninja’s on our weekly programs and the Youth Freeride Programs which are 3 day camps taking place on July 5-7, August 2-4, and August 30-September 1.  Make sure to sign up while there are still some spots!  http://www.skisilverstar.com/summer/bike-school/bike-school

Lastly, if camps are not your thing we have our Canada Cup/BC Cup DH race on July 13-14 which is another great way to push yourself and learn your boundaries and some new tricks at getting faster!   Everyone has the tendency to just hang out on the jump trails all day long, this is a great way to push yourself and your skills onto the tech trails and improve all your bike handling skills. 

So, what are you still here reading for, get the bike out of storage, get it tuned and up and ready to go, June 21st, we’ll see you here!


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