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Bike Park Updates

Bike Park Updates

This is where you will find the latest info and dirt on the trails at SilverStar written by the man who knows, the man with the plan - Cam Sorensen.

Bike Park Update | June 20, 2017

Trail Report.png

From what looked like it was going to be a disastrous opening, it has now turned into a thing of beauty. We are only two days away from opening the SilverStar Bike Park and thanks to our hard working crews we are going to have most of the Bike Park Open for June 23rd.

There will be a couple of the usual culprits opening late, like Lower Shazam, Lower World Cup and Upper Double Dog, but those never open the first weekend. These trails just hold water or snow longer than everything else and will come online in due time. Lower World Cup is getting some Love, and you’ll see the work started from the Chair.

What is more exciting are the trails that will be open. There will be snow banks on either side, you will feel the temperature drop 10 degrees, and you are going to feel like a jet fighter in tunnels of the Death Star. We spent loads of time and energy digging out the top of the mountain and it paid off.  The snow banks have pulled back enough to open almost everything from the top except the first 3 turns of Shazam. We had this once several years ago and it is the coolest thing ever. If you rode SilverStar that season you will remember it, and if you did not, you need to experience it. Riding your bike with snow around you on a hot June day will be memorable, I promise.

As for the rest of the park, it is running great. Lower Double Dog had a face-lift. If you ride this trail from memory, as many of us do, it is going to throw you off.  The berms are smooth, the bumps are gone, and some lines have changed. This will be the Builder’s Choice for the weekend. 

Pipe Dream saw a minor, yet large, change to a certain corner we all know and hate. I won’t say more because if you ride this trail you will smile. 

On the XC side, all the trails on the Knoll network are open. There have been some big changes over there too.  SilverStar added a much-needed firebreak around the resort in the fall. It had an unfortunate outcome for some of the trails. On the flip side, it allowed us to do some upgrades to the trails. It does look like a logging show over there but the fresh trail will distract you. The snow will also keep Silver Shack and both ends of Beowulf closed for another week or so. 

We have two more days so we will keep pounding away on all the trails to get them primed and ready. But remember, it is the first few laps of the season, so be smart,  Pre-Ride all your trails first as there may be something hiding on the landing (like Snow). Second time down Re-Ride your favorite trail. Then after you are warm and you know the trail is ready… go Free Ride. 


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Bike Park Update | May 31, 2017

Bold Contrast

Trail Crew have been at it for a couple weeks now and what a contrast it has been this spring.  From blizzard like conditions to hot mid-summer days, from the normal melt to the ability to slid to the bottom with mid-winter conditions, from a full blanket of snow on Friday to full meltdown on Monday.  We are seeing it all this spring.  It also means we have to do things a little differently for startup this year.   Normally we start with a couple days of training and we get to buffing out the DH trails straight away.  However, this year the Park was fully under snow while we did you training, we could not even properly break the new guys.  We have flipped things around and moved most crew down into the depth of Beowulf, where the last few kilometres of trail needs buffing; even down there, we had to contend with the odd patch of snow.  The plan was to finish Beowulf once the DH Park was up and fully operational.    This is a good thing as it puts us ahead in one aspect and we will play catch up once the snow really starts to melt on the DH Trails. 

This weekend is the kick off to our Volunteer Trail Crew.  We start bringing in a Team that want to help get the park up and rolling and earn some highly valued trail karma.   It is great having this crew in, as they are keen and hungry to get the Park ready.  They have not had to brave the spring snowstorms and will be ready to smash out some trail.  I look forward to working alongside with them all!

The machines have been busy digging out the top of the Mountain.  On a normal year, we always dig out the very top to Hub 1.  At least a couple trails to ensure we have something for the opening.  This year we are digging them all out, may not mean they are all ready for the June 23rd, but this is the goal.  We only have couple short weeks for it to melt enough to fit today’s wide bars.   In spots, we are over 2 meters of snow pack up there still, in others less than 50 cm.  It is variable so we will have things open off the top.  From Hub 1 down we should have the full park open if this heat keeps up. 

I will keep you posted as things change and fingers crossed we will be able to start getting to all the big changes we have planned for the park as soon as we can get all the trails cleared from winter.  See you on the June 23rd for the Grand Opening of the 2017 Mountain Biking Season.



Bike Park Update | May 24, 2017

Bike Park Update | April 22, 2017

Another season in the Silver Star Bike Park is just around the corner.   We have big plans for this year.  By now everyone has heard about the Epic Beowulf trail opening July 29th.  This is exciting news for all the peddlers in the crowd.  The 35km loop should not disappoint!  This also means the trail crew can focus their energy back into the gravity side of the bike park. 

We will be the first to admit the DH trails have not seen as much love as our Park is known for over the past few years while building out the XC network around the resort.   Yes, we stayed on top of the maintenance, started the complete rebuild on Rock Star last year, built the new race track Chainsaw Mullet and pushed in the lower Walk the Line over this time. But let’s be honest… we may have pushed a little hard to get those trails open (in the name of progression).  This year the crew is looking forward to going back and making all the necessary tweaks needed to have those trail flow to the standard we are known for. There are jumps that need the lips lengthened, landing need building up, corners blown out and widened, lines straightened to create speed and many of the blue trails are getting a re-working as well. 

Silver Star Bike Park will have over 125km of trail once Beowulf comes on line, 60+ of that on the DH side alone.  It is time to polish the silver wear and invite the family over for the feast, we are going to make this Park shine this year and with almost a full returning trail crew, we are excited about this!  Our list is huge and if we get through it all, we have a couple new projects up our sleeves as well, so stay tuned as we keep you updated on what we are changing and maybe even something new later in the season.   In the meantime get your legs ready because the lifts will be turning in less than two months.