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Bike Park Updates

Bike Park Updates

This is where you will find the latest info and dirt on the trails at SilverStar written by the man who knows, the man with the plan - Cam Sorensen.

Bike Park Update July 11, 2018

Canada Cup, Conditions all Time  

Dual Slalom.jpg

Silver Star Resort welcomes back the Canada Cup DH series to Bike Park.  It has been a long time since we have had a Canada Cup on the resort.  Our heritage in Racing goes back to the World Cup in 1994 we hosted, along with numerous Canada and BC Cup events, even a couple 24 Hours of Adrenaline to name a few.  We took a break from the race scene in the early 2000’s when we expanded the Bike Park to the current standard.  We are very excited to welcome back this large race that is also doubling as a BC cup for those of you that still want to come out and have fun and not worry about chasing those big points.

We are rolling the race back over to the ever popular Dag’s DH.  We have updated a few things and opened up a couple of sections.  The track is running fast with the spring we have been having; no blown out, dusty, loose rock corners this year.  There will also be an all new finish with a small creek gap to end your race.  The race pits will be about the new finish area creating a great mini Village around the dual slalom we will be running Saturday night for all the racers.  

As for the Dual Slalom this is going to be a must enter event for the weekend.  A fun race with three different categories, Women, U17 and open men’s.  There will be limited spots for this event so make sure you put your name down when you register.  The reason being is we are going to insure all Dual racers get 4 runs in a double knock out format.  As you can see from the photos a couple of the trail crew have taken this beauty under their wing and have made a work of art.  This is also become the new exit of Down Town and open to public after the event. 

Other updates in the park over the past couple weeks are an all new bottom to World Cup.  This trail was in need of an update and that is what it got.  The funky tomb stone jump is gone replaced with a proper table, berms are steep and fast, break sections are replaced with proper grade changing berms you can carry speed through and the long table under the chair is fantastic.  No break checks needed and the knuckle removed for a buttery smooth landing. 

The weather could not be better for the trail crew to be buffing trails this year.  Heavy rain over night and sunny days is giving the dirt the perfect conditions for packing.  Every morning we have a hit list of small project we buff before the park is open.  Then once the bikes start rolling in we move to the rebuild projects.  First was Lower World Cup, check and done.  Now working on a fresh Hiking trail for our grand opening of the new Gondola July 14th, then we are going to be moving to upper World Cup, 2 a new XC trails and finally we are planning on putting a machine down Lower Pipe Dream (I can’t wait for that one!).  Along with all the bigger project list you will continue to see little update throughout the park every day.   Hope to see you all this weekend, if not in the race start, on the side lines ringing that cow bell.  


Bike Park Update; June 15, 2018


We are getting close,

Welcome back to another season and the opening of the SilverStar Bike Park for the 2018 Season.  After a fantastic, long and snowy winter many of us Mountain Bike enthuses are getting the shakes waiting for this day.  If you are not a snowboarder or a skier I could not imagine what you went through this winter.  After a record snow pack it felt like summer was never going to arrive.  Then May hit with temperatures that melted the snow like we were in a Mexico heat wave.  The crew has been hard at work getting the Bike Park ready since the end of May for the June 23rd grand opening.   Even with all that heat we still had to chase the snow melt around the park.  If you have visited us early season in the past, you know the sections of the mountain that just hold onto winter and won’t let go.  Yes, we still had the mini excavator in there digging out trails and we will have some snow tunnels to ride through at the top of the trail network.  Then from Hub 1 down you will be handed the tacky dirt SilverStar is known for.  The bonus to such a high snow pack this winter is a slow release of the moisture back into the trails.  And, with the long range forecast looking like it is, this could be one of our better openings in the last decade

Trail crew has been out re-tooling some sections of trail.  If you are a Double Dog fan prepare to be blown away.  We did the re-build on that trail last year and there were just a couple berms we did not get to.  They were handed a big old helping of “slap pack the vert” back into those berms.  You will feel your tires holding like never before on those fresh berms.  We also completely re-vamped the exit.  This is a section of trail that has been on the radar since 2006.  We have always shied away from going back into that tree island because of being pinched out.  We laid the bricks in there in the early days hoping to get us through.  Well, this year it got the face lift.  I am very excited to get some tires on it and see if we managed to get the response we are looking for.  This is also the same exit World Cup uses to get to the lift.

The Mid section of Shazam received some love this spring.  One of the most popular laps is Upper Shazam to Lower Double dog, aka Shaz-Dog.  This upper portion of Shazam receives the summer sun all day long.  The only time of year we can really get in there and do any work is now.  So we took out that little off-camber log drop and changed a few of the short jumps in there.  Again, changes checked off the Trail Crew's long list of updates to the park.

Beowulf has had a winter to bed in now.  With the heavy snow load this winter we are finding  more winter blow-down than normal.  The rookies on the crew are getting their teeth cut running chain saws this spring.  We will have the blue thread of this trail open  this weekend, out to Aunt Gladys Look Out and back.  The rest of the trail will have to wait until the July 1 long weekend.  We will be cutting in there most of the week once the Bike Park is operational.  Also, we're waiting for the last of the snow to melt out on the top end. given that it is in the deep freeze side of the mountain.

  • Ammendment June 22 - due to bridge and trail repair, all of Beowulf will remain closed until July 1st.

Riders that took part in our fall bonus weekend in 2017 received a sneak peak of the changes made to upper section of Rock Star.  We were only able to bring part of those changes on line before the end of the season.  The other sat under snow all winter and will be ready for tires opening weekend.  This new section takes you around the former Vault and adds a series of new jumps, berms and a fantastic looking hip.  This takes away the break bumped berm section of the T-Bar jump.  So, if you come in there hot for the first time this season be prepared to transfer a little to the right to join into the new line. Yes, one of your favorite jumps is still there, just with a new twist. 

On the new projects list this summer we have a New Green Trail coming on board from the Village down to the Comet Express.  This will be the easiest way to get to the lift from the Village.  Helping out the “Little Rippers” or your friend you are introducing to riding.  We will also start working on Wine Bottle. This trail has been on the future expansion map since before we started Beowulf 5 years ago.  Wine Bottle will connect to Cork Screw in the XC network completing the figure 8 trail. Ridden both ways I'm going to love hearing the controversy on which way people preferred to ride this trail.  Also on the radar are two other trails, one in the XC and one in the DH.  You will have to stay posted for those as they will not be underway until mid-summer, so no need to tease you until then.

That is it for now.  See you in the lift line June 23rd for a great opening. Plenty of fresh up dates from the fall and this spring and some of the best dirt we have seen since June of 2017.  Enjoy!