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Downhill Trails

Downhill Trails

With 100+ Km's of trails for you to ride SilverStar is Canada's Second Largest bike park! SilverStar is proud to be one of the most progressive bike parks in the industry.  We have built our park on the concept of starting out as a new rider and being able to build your skills and confidence and safely progress through our trail system based on a ladder concept for the skill required for each trail. Starting on Challenger (green) and moviFng your way up to blues and then blacks.

We also have high end trails that keep even the best riders entertained with trails like Pipe Dream, Downtown and Pro Star.

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Skills Areas

Beginner Skills Area - Located at the Star Kids Centre near Rentals in the village. There are a number of ramps and skinny wood features set up to practice your balance skills before heading out on the trails. 

The Vault - This progressive skills area and jump park is loads of fun. We are listening to our riders and there will be ongoing improvements each year. Currently, there are three jump lines that vary in size, small wooden drops and some wooden skinnies and boxes to practice on. Every rider can improve their skills -- Rock Star or Challenger will get you there.

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Downhill Bike Trails
Challenger This is our favourite beginner trail on the mountain and a great place to hone your skills. This is a challenging green trail with blue sections that braid off of the main trail for 100-200m and then join back up with the green trail. Test your skills and try out the blue sections where you'll find small jumps, rollers, low log rides and beginner berms, or stay on the green and cruise back down to the Comet Express. For more info on Challenger on Trail Forks
Easy Street Runs from the village to the bottom of the bike chairlift and is the easiest route down to the Comet Express chairlift.  This is a multi-use trail so expect to see Hikers sharing the trail so be careful. Access this trail right out of the village behind the Gondola. For more info on Easy St. on Trail Forks
Explorer Located on the outer edge of the village, this is the perfect trail to bring the newest enthusiast to mountain biking.  A 250m loop, it's perfect for kids perfecting their run bike skills or starting with their first bike with pedals and brakes.  It's also a great starting point for any age to get the essential skills required before venturing out into the vast network of trails around the mountain.  
Paradise Is a leisurely trail that is nice and wide and hard-packed the whole way from the top of the mountain back to the village. This trail is the longest on the mountain at 7km’s so beware that it may take you a little while to get to the village but you can enjoy the great scenery the whole way. Expect hikers and XC riders to be travelling in both directions. For more info on Paradise on Trail Forks  
Blast Off This trail starts in the village and will get your juices flowing. It is the ultimate warm up run to get you used to railing berms and having fun.  It will take you to the bottom of the Comet Express like a luge ride. Access this trail just past the bottom of the Gondola at the end of the village. For more info on Blast Off on Trail Forks
Comet Trail Is a fast old school fire road that takes you from the village to the bottom of the Comet Express. For more info on Comet trail on Trail Forks
Jedi Mind Trick Our newest blue trail is a work of art!  This trail is a step up in size and skill required from Shazam with bigger berms and jumps and it flows beautifully. For more info on Jedi Mind Trick on Trail Forks
LTG This intermediate trail is super twisty old school single track through the forest that has been upgraded with all kinds of wooden features that are “low to the ground”. LTG is one of the bike park's most popular blue trails. There is an easy route around all the features so don’t feel pressured to try every stunt. For more info on LTG on Trail Forks 
Shazam This trail is the next level of machine made blues with a bit bigger berms and jumps than Super Star.  Shazam is considered a gateway trail to take you from riding blue trails comfortably to starting to experiment on black trails. For more info on Shazam on Trail Forks
Snake Pit An XC inspired trail that will take you from Hub One back to the village. This trail has numerous switchbacks and wide wooden bridges. If you’re looking for a bit of exercise and a great XC inspired downhill run, look no further. For more info on Snake Pit on Trail Forks
Super Star This machine made “berm fest” will make you want to run out and buy a brand new full suspension mountain bike. This is definitely one of our feature trails, smooth top to bottom, loaded with berms and rolls for the intermediate rider, a perfect warm up for anyone. For more info on Super Star on Trail Forks
Double Dog Home of the Red Bull Trail Crew Event, this trail is our token wooden feature trail, loaded with drops, wall rides, teeter-totters, roller coasters, great natural flow and a crafty little Slack Line feature that is sure to entertain. For more info on Double Dog on Trail Forks
Flow One of the original trails built at SilverStar. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a techy single track trail with switchbacks and rooty sections. If you're looking for an old school tech and fun trail, you’ll enjoy this one. For more info on Flow on Trail Forks
Rock Star One of the most popular fast and flowy trails that helped give SilverStar its reputation for impeccable and fun berms.  Loaded with table top style jumps and smooth berms top to bottom this trail is sure to be one of your favourites. For more info on Rock Star on Trail Forks
World Cup Named after the 1994 World Cup Finals that were held at SilverStar, sections of this modern trail are shared with that original track.  It’s as fast as you want to go, loaded with jumps, berms and renowned wall rides. One of SilverStar’s most popular trails, World Cup has it all. For more info on World Cup on Trail Forks
Double Black
Chainsaw Mullet Was a new addition to the 2016 BC Cup DH race as a new top section to change up the track from the long-standing history of racing Dag's DH. Wide cut corridor to make line choice paramount if you're wanting to be the fastest. Expect the lines and difficulty to change over time as lines wear in and get changed. 

Dag's Downhill

Built just like the crazy Viking who it was named after, you will experience natural and man-made features both dirt and wood, rock drops and steeps. Bony, steep and technical describe this trail – it is an old school steep and tech gnarly ride. For more info on Dag's Downhill on Trail Forks
Downtown All natural, with all the sugar and twice the caffeine, steep rock faces and twisty forest single track. Watch for signage at Pinnacles Road, directing you to the village or back to the bottom of the Comet Express. For more info on Downtown on Trail Forks
Pipe Dream This is the perfect high-end rider's dream!  You will find big smooth berms, even bigger jumps and high-speed sections. This trail is fast and flowy for the advanced rider. It will have you grinning from ear to ear the whole way down!  For more info on Pipe Dream on Trail Forks
Walk the Line One of the newest trails at SilverStar Bike Park. Walk the Line is the evolution of Pipe Dream and Rock Star.  This trail is designed with big step ups and step downs in the first section (formerly known as Pro Star) and from Paradise down the trail is all jumps and berms. For more info on Walk the Line on Trail ForkForgot