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Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a breathtaking alpine setting. Get your hiking boots on and lose yourself in the surroundings. Hiking trail passes are complimentary, but we do ask that everyone hiking the trails get a pass so we know they are on the mountain. The Gondola offers rides to the upper hiking trails, and back down to the village. For Gondola operating hours, please CLICK HERE. For Gondola ticket prices, please visit our Tickets section.

Hiking Trail Descriptions


Cross Mountain Trail - 2.25km - Approx. 1 hour out and back

This paved path crosses multiple bike trails as you go from the Village across the front side of the resort to the middle of the Mountain. Cross Mountain will give you some of the best views of the Monashee Mountains, as well as letting you see all of your favorite winter ski runs. This is our easiest hike from the village to the middle of the mountain and back. This loop is a multiuse trail and will be marked in orange on your map.

Tin Tin Loop - 3.5km—Multiuse - Approx. 40 minutes

Tin Tin was originally created as a path that circumnavigates the Knoll Residential neighborhood. With little elevation change on this path, it is one of the more peaceful loops we offer here at SilverStar Mountain. With access off of the corner of Parking lot C via a short gravel path. This loop is also multiuse, meaning that cross country bikers can also utilize this loop and will also be marked orange on your trail map.

Paradise Trail - 7.1km - Multiuse

Paradise Trail is our longest hiking trail on resort winding from the Village to the top of the mountain. It is a doublewide shale path, which is multi directional and also shared with bikers. Please note that from Cabin Trail to the Village, Paradise is closed to hikers and is one way only. You can access the start of the hiking trail from the Village via Cross Mountain.

Prospector Trail - 1.7km - Multiuse - Approx. 35 minutes top to bottom (lift ticket purchase required)

Prospector Trail is a gentle (one-way) descent from the Resort Village down to the Comet chair, this is the only trail to the Comet on the days that our new Gondola is not running. Starting right behind our Eurobungy and Village Bike Gates—an easy corner to miss, so watch for your first couple of turns leaving the Village. This trail meanders through tight forest with limited views and shares a section of Easy Street Bike trail to get across one of the many creek beds.

Village View Trail - 1.8km + 650m of Ridgewalk at the end - Approx. 50 minutes one way

Village View is one of our best alpine hiking trails, with lots of amazing views - including one of our colorful village as well as the Monashee Mountain Range. Roughly 100m from the top of the Gondola you will see the signage for this gentle descent that is a moderate descent down the mountain. Near the bottom of this trail, you will share about 650m of our Ridgewalk Trail back in the main Village.

Attridge Scenic Loop - 1.3km - Approx. 45 minutes round trip

Brand new for 2018! Attridge Scenic loop takes you from the Gondola to an amazing look out of the Okana-gan Valley. From this view point you can see lakes such as Kalamalka and Okanagan, Vernon City Centre, the colorful SilverStar Village and the Monashee Mountain Range. This trail is a wide dirt trail that is suitable for most of our guests, it will however require some fitness as the trail dips up and down both ways. Access to this trail is off the Gondola and will loop you right back to where it starts.

Silver Queen Trail - 1km + 900m Cross Mtn + 1.3km Paradise Trail - Approx. 1.4 hours top to bottom

Silver Queen trail takes you into the heart of the Mountain Bike Park. To access this trail from the Village, walk 900m across Cross Mountain Trail until you run into the Silver Queen signage. After 1km of hiking in the forest and wild flowers, you will bump into Paradise Trail—use caution as this is a busy intersection with Bike Park traffic. You then will need to follow Paradise trail for 1.3km to access the top of the Mountain. From Mid to late summer this trail offers some of the best alpine wildflower meadows on our Resort.

Ridge Walk Trail - 1.4km + 700m Attridge Scenic Loop - Approx. 1 hour top to bottom

To access Ridgewalk you will have to use the first half of the Attridge Scenic Loop, both sides of the loop will meet this trail. At the head of this trail, you will have a view of our colorful Village on one side, on the other side you will view Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake and the City of Vernon. This is the most challenging hike that we have to offer at SilverStar with loose shale and steep trail surface, therefore we recommend only hiking up this trail, good hiking shoes, higher degree of fitness and competence to enjoy this trail.



When setting out on your hike please look for the Orange Hiking Signage with specific Trail names on them. Once you are on your hike you will also be guided by small green flags along the Trail. Reminder to make sure you collect your complimentary hiking only trail pass before heading out.

** PLEASE NOTE ** Hikers visiting Monday to Thursday and looking to take the chairlift to the top of the mountain will need to take the Comet Express. First pop into the Ticket Office to purchase your Comet & Hike Day Ticket. To access the Comet, hike down to the start of the lift which takes roughly 25 minutes and is a fairly gentle hike. Once at the top you must hike down on one of the four great hiking trails to the village.