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XC Trails

XC Trails

SilverStar's XC network is incredible. With more than 35+km of trail, it is the perfect place to get a workout and enjoy some of the best views in the Okanagan.  It's usually about 10 degrees cooler than in the valley, and the trails are outstanding .

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Multi-Use Trails

Cross Mountain: A very gentle trail that leaves the village right from Snowbird Lodge and heads out across the mountain for 2.2km. You use this trail to access Paradise trail, Cabin trail and Silver Shack. Length: 2.2km

Tin Tin: A scenic paved path that winds through the beautiful Victorian vacation homes on the Knoll. Length: 3.2km

XC Trails
Cabin Trail Cabin Trail is a great beginner loop for new riders or young riders. Head out Cross Mountain trail for 2.2 km and then take Cabin Trail up to Paradise and back to the village on Paradise for a nice cruisy loop. Length: 1.1km. For more info on Cabin Trail on Trail Forks
Explorer Loop This short beginner loop right outside the village is the perfect learning ground for new bikers for DH and XC.  Access is right next to Bike Patrol. Head under the large wooden Nordic Arch to get to the start. Length: 250m. For more info on Explorer Loop on Trail Forks
Meadow Trail Meadow Trail is a beginner addition to the trail network. It is a great option to finish Sidewinder loop with because it avoids the moderate climb that Mountain View trail has to get back to the village. A recommended loop is Mountain View to Sidewinder and then Meadow Trail back to Tube Town. Length: 2.5km. For more info on Meadow trail on Trail Forks
Mountain View Trail A beginner XC trail that takes you from the village out to the Mountain View Cabin -- a beautiful spot with a great view of the rest of the mountain. This trail follows our Nordic Meadow Trail and is great for a good workout mixed with stunning views. Length: roughly 2.1km. For more info on Mountain View trail on Trail Forks
Paradise The longest trail at the bike park. Length: 7.1km top to bottom.
Pond Loop Length: 0.75km.
Sidewinder Loop Another scenic XC trail the Sidewinder Loop takes you from the Mountain View Cabin and out towards town giving you great views of the Monashee and Pinnacles Mountains as well as Terrace Mountain.  The trail then loops back to Mountain View Trail and from there to the village. Length: 2.6km loop. For more info on Sidewinder on Trail Forks
Sidewinder Shortcut A shortcut that links you back up with Sidewinder but cuts out a moderate 800m climb if you're running out of gas or are in a hurry. Length: 137m. For more info on Sidewinder Shortcut on Trail Forks
BX Creek A crowd favourite, the trail begins right at the bottom of the Silver Queen chairlift and follows the actual BX Creek for the first 500m roughly.  There is great variation and elevation gain and loss on this trail while it winds its way through much of our Nordic ski area before it meets up with Mtn. View XC trail.  Those looking for a longer loop can add on Sidewinder for more of a workout and then come back to the village on Chakra. Length: 4km to Mtn. View. For more info on BX Creek on Trail Forks
Chakra Our newest XC trail to open this season, Chakra is an extremely fun intermediate trail with lots of flow.  It starts where BX Creek meets Eric's Trail near the ponds.  It is suggested to ride Chakra from the area it meets BX back to Tube Town.  A great blue route is BX out and Chakra back, or throw in Sidewinder for a longer loop. Length: 2.4km. For more info on Chakra on Trail Forks
Corkscrew One of the newest XC trails at SilverStar Bike Park, Corkscrew is an incredibly fun pedal. Including great views and some beautiful uphill and downhill berms, it is recommended to ride it clockwise (from left to right).  Access for this trail is at Sidewinder right across from the Mountain View  Cabin. Length: 1.7km. For more info on Corkscrew on Trail Forks
Knoll Loop A short but sweet beginner trail that takes you from Silver Queen chairlift up and over the Knoll -- right beside many of the bright and beautiful Knoll houses. Once on the other side you can continue along the Tin Tin multi- use trail back towards the village. Length: 1.3km. For more info on Knoll Loop on Trail Forks
Silver Shack Silver Shack is the new XC trail to the top of the mountain and it is a fantastic climb. It takes you all the way to the backside of the resort and includes some great views south east towards Cherryville and the Monashees. It pops you out on Paradise trail to continue roughly 1.5 km to access Snake Pit our XC descent trail. Length: 3.3km. For more info on Silver Shack on Trail Forks
Snake Pit Snake Pit is an XC inspired trail that will take you from Hub One back to the village. This trail has numerous switchbacks and wide wooden bridges. If you’re looking for a bit of exercise and a great XC inspired downhill run, look no further.  After taking Silver Shack to the top this is the ideal descent back to the village making roughly a 10km loop from the village via Cross Mountain, Silver Shack and Paradise. Length: 2.6km. For more info on Snake Pit on Trail Forks
Brian's Trail Short but sweet, Brian's Trail is a challenging addition to Crack of Dawn.  This trail option drops you down from COD in a steep twisty descent for 200m before putting you back on a short climb to meet up with COD again.  This trail will be lengthened to take you all the way down to BX trail. Length: 0.9km. For more info on Brian's Trail on Trail Forks
Crack of Dawn Some of you might remember this iconic trail from years past.  This classic trail has had a few upgrades but most of it is the same old burly XC from its previous glory days.  COD is a great technical and fun advanced XC trail that will take you from the village and back with a few options and different braids to weave between so you can have a good amount of variety on each lap. Length: 2.3km. For more info on Crack of Dawn on Trail Forks
Eric's Trail This trail is very similar to Brian's Trail.  It is an addition to the Crack of Dawn Loop and offers a steep fun descent section before dropping you off on a climb back up to COD. Or you can take it all the way to the bottom where it meets up with BX Creek, Meadow trail and the start of Chakra. Length: 0.7km. For more info on Eric's Trail on Trail Forks
Grizzly Adams A brand new link between Mountain View Cabin trail and the actual Mountain View Cabin, GA is a technical climb with some fun and challenging corners and more than a few roots to navigate.  A very rewarding but short track. Length: 0.6km. For more info on Grizzly Adams on Trail Forks


Our future epic trail is in the works and Cam and Crew are heavy into the build.  This will be a trail of truly legendary proportions.  Access for the trail will be off Silver Shack and head out to Alder Point before heading right down into Putnam Creek (the backside) of the resort. This trail will be approximately 30+km long and will wind its way back up to Silver Shack and back into the village. Length: 30+km.