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DH Biking

DH Biking

Day tickets and season passes can be purchased at the Ticket Office in the middle of SilverStar village.

  • Summer TICKET OFFICE Hours of Operation
    • Daily from 9:30am – 5:30pm
    • Wednesday & Friday from 9:30am - 6:30pm 
Tickets can be purchased from the Ticket Office, Rentals or Online by clicking the button below.

When purchasing a Ticket Online please take the Confirmation Page to the Ticket Office or the Kiosk, which is outside the Ticket Office, to redeem your Ticket.  The Ticket will be valid on the day that the Confirmation Page is scanned.

If you are unable to print the Confirmation Page, the bar code can be scanned at the Kiosk, from your Cell Phone.  Depending on your Cell Phone this may be tricky and you may have to go to the Ticket Office for redemption. 

Note: All downhill tickets include access to the XC trails and hiking on the hiking trails. Downhill tickets do not include access to the Summit/Scenic SkyChair.

Please ensure that you attach the name of the person who will be using the Ticket to each Ticket purchased.

2016 Downhill Ticket Prices
DH Day, 10am-5pm $52.00 $44.00 $37.00 $44.00
DH Day - Buy Online $49.00 $41.00 $35.00 $41.00
DH Afternoon, 2-5pm $38.00 $33.00 $28.00 $33.00
Extended Play, Wed. & Fri. Nights, 4-7:30pm $33.00 $27.00 $21.00 $27.00
DH Day/Night, Wed. & Fri., 10am-7:30pm $72.00  $62.00 $52.00 $62.00
DH Day/Night - Buy Online $69.00  $59.00 $50.00 $59.00
DH PM/Night, Wed. & Fri., 2pm-7:30pm $50.00  $42.00 $32.00 $42.00
DH 3-Day Ride** $140.00  $120.00 $97.00 $120.00
DH 3-Day Ride** - Buy Online $130.00 $113.00 $90.00 $113.00
All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Tots (5 and under) are Free.

* Extended play tickets are available on Wednesday AND Friday evenings ONLY from 4:30pm to 7:30pm

** 3-Day Ride tickets are valid for any 3 days of the season. Only to be used by the registered card holder. Ride Cards do NOT include Extended Play. Ride Cards purchased online will be available for pick up 72 hours after purchase at the SilverStar Bike Park ticket window. 

*** An XC Trail pass is included in the Full Day DH ticket; however, the XC Only trail pass only allows access to XC trails, NOT the downhill trails in the Bike Park.

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected] or 250-558-6023