Bike Park now closed for the season.

Reminder that the Bike Park is now fully closed for the season, including all DH, XC and hiking trails. There will be heavy machinery operating on the mountain 7 days a week so please respect all mountain signage. This includes all upper and lower trails.

Hours of Operation

SilverStar's Summer Athletes & Ambassadors

Enduro Racing / Freestyle Jacob Tooke

 I started riding as early as I can remember, I was building jumps and doing stunts where ever I could. Growing up in Banff there was no shortage of extreme terrain and natural trails to ride. What I looked forward to most of all were the trips we would make out to Silver Star to ride the impeccably groomed and manicured trails - I couldn’t believe how good it could be.

Bike Team SilverStar Bike Team

Meet our bike team - local upcoming athletes pushing the limits of their sport under the SilverStar family banner.