The Environment Play Forever


We believe there is nothing better for the soul than to live a balanced life full of adventure, and we believe those in the future should have the same opportunities we have today. To make this happen, SilverStar is committed to doing all we can to protect the environment and enable participation in adventure.

As a company we believe strongly in minimizing our impact on the environment in order to preserve this incredible natural playground for generations to come. We will continue to invest heavily in the following areas of our operation to help reduce our environmental footprint:

  • Water Management & Conservation
    • 100% natural snow (reduces water, fuel and electricity with no snowmaking)
    • Phasing in water saving with low flow facet aerator & double flush toilets
    • Hotel initiatives for reduction in water consumption
    • Commercial laundry machines introduced to reduce 30% less water
  • Emissions & Fuel Reduction
    • Newest Grooming Fleet reducing fuel consumption - we play an active role in the Tier 3 Emmissions and Fuel Standards Program, creating the most environmentally friendly fleet groomers in the region, running on 20% bio-fuel
    • Low emission 4 stroke sleds
    • Free village shuttle and buses to Vernon to reduce number of vehicles travelling to and from the Resort
  • Recycling & Waste Reduction
    • Printed Materials - working with print partners who use recycled paper stocks and biodegradable inks, as well as moving to digital communications and reducing our overall printed materials
    • Brochures & Trail maps printed on Rolland Enviro 70 lb. text. This paper contains 100% post-consumer fibre and is made in Canada using renewable biogas energy
    • Expanded recycling program with increase in bins, recycle and reuse programs
    • Reduction in paper products with air dryers and internal initiatives
    • Towel saver programs for reduction of water and chemical use
  • Energy Management & Conservation
    • Our building renovations use LED lighting, timer and motion sensors on lights and new materials for better insulation
  • Green Products & Eco-Friendly Solutions for Hospitality
    • Environment-friendly soaps, cleaners and other products
    • Green cleaning products for resort janitorial and hotel
  • Government Collaboration & Initiatives
    • Working with local and provincial government on new and effective energy solutions for our community, as well as sustainable growth strategies that preserve our natural environment