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In each of POWDR's mountain communities, people are sharing their time, skills and donating locally. Below are just some of the many amazing stories to be told. 

  • Take A Time Out
  • The Show Must Go On
  • Safe Seniors, Strong Communities

Take A Time Out

SilverStar offers a respite for community’s vital workers.

In Vernon, BC, there’s a place called the Transition House. It’s a safe place to go for those who need it, particularly women and children fleeing abuse.

Practicing social distancing and following stay-at-home-orders will help communities flatten the curve, but for those experiencing abuse, following these practices puts them in a dangerous, eruptive situation. The Transition House, and their 25 safe shelter beds, is not only a safe place for women and children, but also offers teen and parole programs.

Working at the Transition House can be stressful, to say the least, entailing long hours and emotional challenges. In furthering the mission of the Transition House, staff members provide support, security, advocacy, education, and crisis intervention to residents, and other women in the community, who seek support. Staff enhance the quality of life for women and children by ensuring their safety, legal, emotional, social, and medical needs are met.

To support the Transition House employees, who do so much for the community, SilverStar offered one of their resort staff housing buildings so the Transition House workers can have a break from the increased stress and pressure of their job due to the coronavirus.

“Our first booking was 3 staff members, who came to SilverStar for the weekend to have a break in the quiet setting with fresh mountain air,” says Alison Crick, Human Resources Director at SilverStar. “We have additional bookings in the coming weeks for other staff members at the Transition House. We are very happy to welcome them and give them a well-deserved break.”

The Show Must Go On

SilverStar helps local musicians with Canadian Home Grown Series.

What does après ski entertainment look like during a pandemic? Along with the rest of the public, music performers and artists are staying close to home these days as crowds are not gathering for concerts or live performances. For those who make their living in the entertainment industry, the pressure is on to find a way to survive.

At SilverStar, recognizing the impact these uncertain times could have on local music businesses, we got creative, took center stage, and leveraged our online audiences to support the community’s industry.

In a Facebook post on May 1, we introduced the Canadian Home Grown Series, weekly performances by local artists and SilverStar favorites broadcast on our Facebook page via live watch parties.

“We wanted to launch the Home Grown Series for several reasons,” says Ian Jenkins, SilverStar’s director of sales, marketing and accommodation. “We wanted to showcase the talent of local artists, bring some positivity to our followers’ feeds, highlight ways people can support the musicians, and demonstrate that as a community, the show must go on.”

We organized music acts from around community and region including Mitch Belot Band One Strong Goat, West Meadow, Sister Speak Music, Rick ‘Poppa Dawg’ Halisheff, Brent Ridge, and Lance Carr. They also partnered with a local brewery on swag giveaways for listeners.

The series kicked off on May 7 with a live performance by Mitch Belot Band and was a huge success generating lots of positive comments and emojis. At the close of the show, we followed up with a post about how viewers could support the artists by sharing their social channels, Spotify and Apple Music accounts.

Safe Seniors, Strong Communities

SilverStar helps its most fragile population with a community food initiative.

SilverStar resort has jumped in to support a United Way initiative that gets meals to the community of Vernon’s senior population in a timely manner. Safe Seniors, Strong Communities was borne from the need for seniors confined to their homes to receive timely donated food delivery. Before the initiative launched, seniors in need of food had to contact a community resource center, would often have to wait up to two weeks for delivery, and would be charged high rates when they finally got it.

The team here at SilverStar was eager to support the effort. “We felt the perfect fit for us would be to deliver frozen meals to those who cannot afford to eat or are having to wait a long time for their delivery and need some food in the meantime,” says Ian Jenkins, SilverStar director of sales, marketing and accommodation.

Resort staff got to work, with chefs Scott Sanderson and Nathan Tolhurst prepping frozen meals that could easily be delivered. They’ve made about 200 meals to date and Scott, along with food & beverage manager, Mark Lehmann, are delivering the meals directly to people’s houses.

The seniors are thrilled. “SilverStar delivered me the best meal I’ve had in almost two months,” says one recipient. “Thank you for making my day!”



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