Explore the Village In Resort Shuttle

This service is only available in the winter seasons. We look forward to driving you to your adventures again this winter! 

The SilverStar in-resort shuttle is complimentary and operates throughout the village areas of SilverStar, providing convenient pick-up and drop-off services for guests to and from their accommodations.

The shuttle continually services the set route through the operating times. During normal business levels, it will complete a loop on average in 30 minutes. During high volume times, it will take 35- 45 minutes to complete a loop.  

Please note: Face Masks must be worn while riding the bus.  No Mask. No ride.

Shuttle information


1. BEGINS SilverStar Village Stop - (in front of SilverStar Village across from B Lot)


2. Firelight, Tube Town & Knoll Subdivision

  • Trailhead to Tube Town & Firelight. *Please note that the shuttle does not go into D lot.
  • Silver Queen Rd Loop
  • Monashee Loop
  • Monashee Court
  • Grandview Condos *Does not enter, rather stops by the entrance to Grandview.
  • Odin Rd *Does not enter, rather stops by the entrance to Odin Road.


3. Pinnacles Road & Alpine Meadows

  • Arnica Road (Alpine Meadows); turns around at the top of the cul-de-sac.
  • Please note that guests at the Pinnacles Lodge/Alpine Meadows subdivision must walk down to the intersection of Arnica Road for pick-up


4. Silver Star Road

  • Cathedral Road to Ridge Subdivision; turns left Purcell Road and turns around at the top of the cul-de-sac. *Does not enter the ridge unless a guest on the bus is requesting, or the guest has called our shuttle driver for a request pick up.
  • Snowmobile Tours Drop Offs


5. Creekside Condos

  • The pick-up and drop-off for Creekside is at the entrance driveway at Silver Star Road.
  • Please note the shuttle does not go down into Creekside parking area due to visibility.


ENDS SilverStar Village Stop -(in front of SilverStar Village across from B Lot)


Please note:


Requests for service to The Ridge ONLY are handled by calling the shuttle cell at 250-309-5974. Calls to the driver can’t be answered while driving so calls MUST be made on the hour or half hour only. There is no need to call the driver regarding service from the Village back to the Ridge as this can be requested at the Village pick up location on each hour and half-hour. The Ridge pickup is on the intersection of Cathedral and Purcell Rd


The cell may NOT be used to request service for any other areas other than The Ridge (all other areas are serviced as part of the regular route).


Big snowfall days:  In the event of bigger snowfall days the shuttle may not be able to access some areas, Alpine Meadows, Ridge due to snow clearance.