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At Pizza Gratta, we are passionate about comfort foods made from scratch, using simple, non-GMO ingredients – locally sourced, and organic whenever possible.

Dr. Wendy Olson DNM, PhD, co-founder of Pizza Gratta, is an avid proponent of fermented foods for their digestibility and nutritional content. Due to the fermentation time, true sourdough foods are low-glycemic and contain low-to-no gluten.

In 2017, we began experimenting with true sourdough – Lievito Naturale. Perry – our sourdough starter began its simple existence in a Mason Jar, and has been providing our family with delicious, healthy, true sourdough breads and pizza dough ever since.

Our families, especially our children, deserve real food that can offer health and vitality. We are proud to be able to share our true sourdough pizza, and other homemade specialties with everyone on SilverStar Mountain.

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We can't wait to see you back for the 2022 summer season!