Events Silver Fox Scavenger Hunt

Silver Fox has hidden some clues around the mountain. Find them all for a chance to win some awesome family prize packs!

Fun for the whole family, we will direct you to new places hidden on the ski runs where you will collect clues in the form of QR codes. Find each clue at the beginning of the run! Hunt for the remaining clues for your chance to win a family prize pack. 

Please note that a valid Alpine Day Ticket or Alpine Season Pass is required to participate.

2 Ways to Play Each Weekend

GREEN Hunt - Clues are hidden only on green trails
BLUE Hunt - Clues are hidden only on blue trails


Every Saturday and Sunday in January, with new clues and draws to win each weekend.
Start: 9:30am Saturday
End: 12:30pm Sunday 

Winners will be drawn at random from all valid entries at 1:00pm each Sunday.


Visit Silver Fox and our Promotions Team in the village on Saturday or Sunday morning to receive your first clue. The team will be in the village from 9:00am to 12:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

How To Play:
  1. Visit Silver Fox and the SilverStar Promotions Team in the village between starting at 9am each weekend to get started.
  2. Scan the QR code at our booth using your phone and unlock the first clue.
  3. Solve the clue and go to the designated run.
  4. Look for the Silver Fox cut-out at the run and scan the QR code for the clue to the next run.
  5. Solve all the clues to complete the scavenger hunt and you will be directed to an online form.
  6. Prove that you participated by answering a brief question and then you will be entered to win some awesome family prize packs!

No phone? No problem. If you can't scan a QR code for any reason, come back to the village, tell our team where you found SilverFox and they will give you the next clue.

Pro tip: make sure you remember the names of all four designated runs, you will need to submit the answers in the form at the end.

To make the fun accessible to skiers of all abilities, we have created TWO scavenger hunt categories with individual draws: one with clues on only Green Runs, and one with clues on only Blue Runs. Do both scavenger hunts for a chance to win more prizes!

Complete either one to be entered into the draw, or do both and get two entries! Good luck! Silver Fox will draw a winner at 1pm..