Bike Park Opening

Opening Day is nearly here! See you on the trails from noon July 9th!


Events Teton Gravity Research Film Showcase - Winterland

SilverStar locals and surrounding areas, get ready for two epic nights brought to you by TGR films and SilverStar Mountain resort! Both of these nights are FREE admission with the donation of one (or more) non-perishable food items that will be donated to our local food bank. There will also be prizing given out through the event!

Please note that apacity is limited to the first 180 people so get here early. Located in the NATC building.


Winterland is a celebration of ski and snowboard culture. Today's mountain athletes can only stand as tall as those who came before, the pirates of the past who followed their own path and passion. This story of adventure is far from over, as a new crop of modern-day pioneers are eager to etch their names in the annals of history. The technology and style might evolve, but the rush, excitement, and pure fun remain eternal, bonding past, present, and future riders. The film will follow these individuals as they leave their own mark on these fabled locations

Event Information

When: Saturday, November 23rd
Where: NATC Building
Time: 6:00pm; doors at 5:30pm
Admission: Non-Perishable Food Donation

*Space is limited

Teton Gravity Research is an action sports media company committed to fueling progression through its films and website. 

It all began with a dream and a little cash scrapped together from fishing in Alaska. In 1995, Steve Jones, Todd Jones, and Dirk Collins pooled money they had earned as commercial fishermen and heli-ski guides to purchase camera equipment. Joined by longtime friend Corey Gavitt, they banded together to document the progression taking place in action sports. Yet rather than simply capturing this progression on film, they soon became instrumental in fueling it.

With a commitment to showcasing the world’s top athletes—and creating a company driven by their input—the group founded Teton Gravity Research. From its headquarters in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, TGR began producing premier ski, snowboard, and surf films. Eighteen years and thirty-two films later, the company continues to evolve. Transcending film, TGR has emerged as a media force in action sports culture.