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SilverStar Mountain Resort is now closed for the 2019/2020 season.

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Events Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Come get exhilarated and inspired! Experience a selection of the best films the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) has to offer right here at SilverStar Mountain Resort.  VIMFF's mission is to celebrate the wonderful world of adventure, high adrenaline sports, and spectacular cinematography. Join us on Saturday, December 14th on this stop of VIMFF's tour around Canada.

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Event Information


Tickets are limited to 180 seats so get in quick before they all sell out!

Pre-purchased online$15.00
Night-of, in-person (subject to availability)$20.00 cash only

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Doors open: 7:00pm

Film starts: 7:30pm

VIMFF Selections

  1. Chasing Monsters                                            5 Minutes
  2. DreamRide 3                                                      6 Minutes
  3. We’re Going Where?                                      16 Minutes
  4. Derrick Pottle, Keeper of the Flame          7 Minutes
  5. My Dear Kyrgyzstan                                        13 Minutes
  6. Blood On The Crack                                         10 Minutes
  7. A Social Backcountry                                       10 Minutes
  8. Ski Photographer                                             9 Minutes
  9. Children of the Columbia                              22 minutes


Chasing Monsters

Director: Krystle Wright
Year of Production: 2018
Origin: Australia

For the past 20 years, Australian photographer Nick Moir has been chasing weather systems throughout the world. Nick journeys through the famous Tornado alley that stretches through the American Midwest that produces catastrophic yet beautiful storms that earn the appropriate nickname, monsters on the plains.

DreamRide 3

Director: Michael Hopkins
Year of Production: 2018
Origin: Canada

DreamRide 3 is the final chapter in a series that has taken audiences to some of the wildest environments on Earth. Combining a Dr. Suess inspired narrative, mind blowing natural landscapes, and one dreamer on a mountain bike, this film will take you on an adventure like no other.


We’re Going Where?

Director: Michael Sousa
Year of Production: 2018
Origin: Canada

A search for breathtaking alpine descents and the chance to ride amongst the sacred Vinicunca (Vin-knee-khunk-kah) (Rainbow Mountain) leads Whistler mountain bikers on a journey. 100km and 7 mountain passes between 4700m and 5300m in altitude separate the start and finish of the Ausangate (Au-san-gah-tey) Trek.

Derrick Pottle, Keeper Of The Flame

Director: Jason Van Bruggen
Year of Production: 2017
Origin: Canada

This film looks at Polar ice melt from the unique perspective of an Inuit hunter who was born on the sea ice near a remote community on the Labrador coast approximately 62 years ago. It looks at the cultural and emotional impacts of climate change on Inuit communities in the Far North.

My Dear Kyrgyzstan

Director: Noam Argov
Year of Production: 2018
Origin: USA

Emil is a social media-obsessed entrepreneur in one of the most remote places on earth: An abandoned Soviet mining village in the mountains of eastern Kyrgyzstan. Tracing his roots to the nomadic tribes that once roamed the area, Emily has returned to put his village of Jyrgalan back on the map by convincing wealthy tourists and famous bloggers to go there on vacation.


Blood On The Crack

Director: Heather Mosher
Year of Production: 2018
Origin: Canada

Climbers Kevin Jorgeson and Jacob Cook head to the bugaboos to attempt the second ascent of the Tom Egan Memorial Route, which contains one of the hardest crack climbs in the world: an unbelievably aesthetic, perfectly splitter, and excruciatingly painful fingertip crack called Blood on the Crack.


A Social Backcountry

Director: Heather Mosher
Year of Production: 2019
Origin: Canada

As the population boom in Southwest BC, and interest in backcountry travel is at an all-time high, tensions in the outdoor community are inevitable. Information spreads rapid-fire through social media, leading to a host of difficult issues, while at the same time raising deeper questions: What kind of community do we want this to be? And amongst all the internet trolling and the crowding at trailheads, how can we still find real adventure?

Ski Photographer

Director: Frank Pickell
Year of Production: 2018
Origin: USA

Drawn to the mountains in search of the ski bum lifestyle, Oskar Enander had no intention of ever becoming a photographer. Today, Oskar’s iconic and unique perspective is highly sought after in the ski world. And yet, he shoots very little outside of winter. This film goes behind the lens in Oskar’s hometown or Engelberg, Switzerland to explore a life in the mountains and the influences that shape a ski photographer.

Children of the Columbia

Director: Leo Hoorn, Jay Macmillan & Mitchell Scott
Year of Production: 2018
Origin: Canada

Join big mountain skiers Dane Tudor and Christina Lustenberger as they travel up the waterway that shaped them, the mighty Columbia, home to some of the best skiing in the world. From Trail through Revelstoke and on to Kinbasket Lake, through the famed Selkirks, Monashees and Rocky Mountains, Dane and “Lusti” move northwards through a unique mountain culture.

VIMFF provides communities from around the world with an award-winning and critically acclaimed selection of films: featuring adventure, mountain culture and mountain sport.

VMFF is an annual international 10-day community festival, featuring mountain film screenings, live multimedia presentations,  photography exhibitions, workshops, seminars & other special events. "We are also a travelling show with awarded films, visiting 50+ communities across Canada, the US, Europe and Asia each year."