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Centrally located in the heart of BC's Okanagan Valley, Silverstar is easy to get to - just a quick twenty minute drive from Vernon and only a fifty-five minute drive from Kelowna International Airport. Spend less time on the road and more time on the mountain. 

Drive Times to SilverStar

Vernon - 20 minutes

Kelowna Airport (YLW) - 55 minutes

Kamloops - 1 hour 40 minutes

Vancouver - 5 hours

Calgary - 6.5 hours

Seattle - 7 hours 

Tips for the Road
  • Transport Canada recommends the use of a winter tire that has been rated for severe snow conditions.

  • Tires marked with the pictograph of a peaked mountain with a snowflake meet specific snow traction performance requirements, and have been designed specifically for use in severe snow conditions.

  • Be extra cautious in the danger zones: intersections, lane changes, turns, stops.

  • In snow, tires barely grab the road, so accelerate, turn and stop gently.

  • Accelerate and brake on straight-aways where possible, gently in either case.

  • If ice and bare patches alternate, brake in the bare spots and coast over the ice. Apply that same rationale to bridges, which freeze before roadways, and try to reach “bridge speed” before you get there.

  • Use your lights on low beam and if you can’t see the edge of the road, use roadside reflectors to guide you.

  • When descending a hill, your maximum safe speed should be at the crest.

  • Four-wheel-drive owners: Even though your system is great for moving around in the snow, it doesn’t help you slow down! Word to the wise: slow down!

  • A word about snowplow drivers. They’re up when you’re asleep, work in conditions you avoid, and in some places, risk avalanches in order to clear your way to the slopes. So be kind, give the plow plenty of room, and keep your beams low. Above all, be like tortoise and practice patience.

For more information on tires and winter driving, we at SilverStar trust Kal Tire and Bannister GM to keep us safe throughout the winter