Carpool Rideshare to SilverStar

Save money, parking and the planet by carpooling up to SilverStar this winter!

The best roadtrips are made with friends - let your adventure start before you get to SilverStar and share the trip with a new or old friend! Ride sharing is a great way to save on gasoline, wear and tear on your vehicle, and also the planet! Co-ordinate your rides with friends and leave the extra vehicle in town, or use the Poparide app to fill empty seats coming up to the mountain! 

Parking in Vernon Ride Share Parking Lot

Park the extra cars in Vernon in the new Ride Share parking lot! Meet your friends at the St. John's Lutheran Lot and take one car up to the Star!

Rideshare app Poparide

Share a ride to SilverStar thanks to Poparide, Canada's largest city-to-city ridesharing app with over 250,000 users. Sign up as a driver or a passenger, it's free!


Please note:

SilverStar Ride Share Parking

  • Open 6 am to 10 pm daily.
  • No overnight parking or camping.
  • Park at your own risk, SilverStar is not responsible for damage to, nor theft of, vehicles or vehicle’s contents.
  • Violators may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.