Plan Your Visit Rippers Club & Monthly

This program is not available for 2020/21 winter season. 

Join our monthly or season-long Ripper’s programs and have your child meet new friends, explore the mountains and develop their skills. Theme days and special events add to the excitement week after week.

Rippers Monthly VS Club

Both programs are designed to provide kids with the skills and fundamentals to ski well all over the mountain. Rippers Monthly is a 2-hour group lesson every Saturday or Sunday for either 3 -15 weeks. Rippers Club is a full or half-day group lesson every Saturday or Sunday for 11 weeks, with the same instructor.

Note: Rippers Club is only for ages 5-12 years old who are level 3 and above. 

“After 4 days our 5 year old twins could ski the mountain and our 9 year old was flying.  It looks like you have early childhood educators teaching skiing – a wonderful credit to the mountain”.
The McAlpine Family