Bike Park now closed for the season.

Reminder that the Bike Park is now fully closed for the season, including all DH, XC and hiking trails. There will be heavy machinery operating on the mountain 7 days a week so please respect all mountain signage. This includes all upper and lower trails.

Hours of Operation

SilverStar Terrain Parks

We offer a safe and progressive terrain park expanding a whopping 16 acres (6.5 hectares) where you will find an assortment of all kinds of jumps ranging from 2ft – 60+ft lip to knuckle. We also offer a good mix of metal and PVC to grind and slide, you’ll find a huge variety of boxes, rails, and custom jib features to satisfy your park cravings. SilverStar's award-winning Terrain Park is known all over BC as one of the finest, all-natural-snow terrain parks.

Peanut Park


New This Year! The Peanut Park is a terrain park of its own, located on MIDDLE DIPPER and is the best area for beginner level riders and skiers to shred and progress. Here you'll find Small ride-ons, lip features, boxes, and snow features; including jumps. The small lane has something for every style of Terrain Park learner. The Small Lane entrance is located on the skiers left hand side of Whisky Jack at the top of Middle Dipper. Open from 9am till 4pm daily (weather permitting) *Extended Hours on night skiing nights in the spring

Lane sizes

The small lane is located in the Peanut Park and is the best area for beginner level riders and skiers to shred and progress. Here you'll find Small ride-ons, lip features, boxes, and snow features including jumps. The small lane contains introductory freestyle terrain and features. 

SilverStar Terrain Park


You rode some laps through the Peanut Park and are ready to continue? Step into our Terrain Park, conveniently located directly below the Peanut Park on Lower Big Dipper; this is where progression matures. The lanes are designed for progression in mind, but how you ride them is up to you! Follow the lanes straight downhill, or flow them in any direction you like. The possibilities are endless! Open from 9am till 3pm daily (weather permitting)

m-xl lanes

The Medium Lane in the Terrain Park is the place to be for intermediate level and up riders and skiers. This lane showcases a line of medium sized boxes, rails, tubes, jumps, and other creative features dreamed up by our park crew. The Medium Lane is located on lower Big Dipper on the right hand side of the Terrain Park.

You’ve been practicing your tricks in the medium lane and you feel it’s time to step your game up? Test your skills in the Large Lane! Here you will find a similar line to the XL lane so you can slowly progress your riding before hitting our expert rider training ground. The Large lane is located on lower Big Dipper in the middle of the Terrain Park.

You’re really starting to get comfortable with your riding and it’s time to hit the big line? Here you’ll find huge jumps and expert level rails that will help you prepare for competition level riding/ skiing. This lane is home to multiple slopestyle events, and is an awesome training ground to learn new tricks, and throw down. The XL lane is located on the skiers left hand side of the Terrain Park

Make sure you know the rules of the park.

PLEASE NOTE that “Carving” is not permitted in Silver Star Parks. The parks are designed for riders and skiers who wish to use the features as they were intended. If you wish to view your friends or family, but not use any features yourself, we ask that you please stay to the sides of the parks and do not carve between the features as it becomes a safety issue. If you have any questions or concerns with this please ask our Terrain Park Crew for assistance