Bike Park now closed for the season.

Reminder that the Bike Park is now fully closed for the season, including all DH, XC and hiking trails. There will be heavy machinery operating on the mountain 7 days a week so please respect all mountain signage. This includes all upper and lower trails.

Hours of Operation

Conditions & Lift Status

Trail Status

novice Challenger CLOSED
novice Easy Street CLOSED
novice Little Ripper CLOSED
intermediate Blast Off CLOSED
intermediate Comet Trail CLOSED
intermediate Jedi Mind Trick CLOSED
intermediate LTG CLOSED
intermediate Outer Limits CLOSED
intermediate Shazam CLOSED
intermediate Snake Pit CLOSED
intermediate Super Star CLOSED
advanced Double Dog CLOSED
advanced Flow CLOSED
advanced Pipe Dream CLOSED
advanced Rock Star CLOSED
advanced Throwback CLOSED
advanced World Cup Downhill CLOSED
expert Chainsaw Mullet CLOSED
expert Dag's Downhill CLOSED
expert Downtown CLOSED
expert Gnar CLOSED
expert HUCKleberry Hits CLOSED
expert Title Line CLOSED
expert Walk the Line CLOSED
novice Peanut Pump Track CLOSED
intermediate The Pump Track CLOSED
novice Electric Avenue (Uphill Only) CLOSED
novice Troll Trail CLOSED
intermediate BX Creek CLOSED
intermediate Chakra CLOSED
intermediate Corkscrew CLOSED
intermediate Silver Shack CLOSED
intermediate Wine Bottle CLOSED
advanced Crack of Dawn CLOSED
advanced Brian's Trail CLOSED
advanced Grizzly Adams CLOSED
advanced Eric's Trail CLOSED
intermediate Alder Point Lookout CLOSED
intermediate Aunt Gladys Lookout CLOSED
advanced Beowulf Full Loop CLOSED
novice Cabin Trail CLOSED
novice Cross Mountain Trail CLOSED
novice Knoll Loop CLOSED
novice Mountain View CLOSED
novice Paradise Trail CLOSED
novice Sidewinder CLOSED
novice Tin Tin CLOSED
intermediate Attridge Scenic Loop CLOSED
intermediate Milky Way CLOSED
intermediate Prospector Trail CLOSED
intermediate Silver Queen CLOSED
intermediate Village View CLOSED
advanced Ridgewalk CLOSED

Adventure Centre Skills Area is CLOSED

Eurobungy is CLOSED