Conditions & Lift Status

Welcome to the 2019/20 Winter Season! We are now OPEN! 

Snowfall Measurements: Please note that snow measurements are taken by a laser feed at the summit of the mountain and updated hourly. 

Live Conditions

Resort Open
Resort Close
Lifts Open
Village Temp °c
Winds km/h
24hr Snow cm
Alpine Runs Groomed
Nordic Trails Groomed
Snowshoe Trails Open
FatBike Trails Open

Snow Report & Forecast

Lift & Grooming Status

Comet Express (Six Pack) OPEN
novice Aberdeen Skiway OPEN
novice Comet Trail OPEN
novice Easy Street OPEN
novice Far Out OPEN
novice Main Street Skiway OPEN
novice Over the Hill OPEN
intermediate Big Dipper - Lower OPEN
intermediate Big Dipper - Upper OPEN
intermediate Blast Off OPEN
intermediate Chalet Alley OPEN
intermediate Christmas Bowl OPEN
intermediate Coaches OPEN
intermediate Constellation OPEN
intermediate Exhibition OPEN
intermediate F.I.S OPEN
intermediate Gopher Glades OPEN
intermediate Horsin' Around OPEN
intermediate Little Dipper OPEN
intermediate Lower Exhibition OPEN
intermediate Milky Way OPEN
intermediate Peanut Park OPEN
intermediate Peanut Trail OPEN
intermediate Skunk Hollow OPEN
intermediate Spruce Meadow OPEN
intermediate Sundance OPEN
intermediate Toilet Trail OPEN
intermediate Trinity Trees CLOSED
intermediate Turnaround OPEN
intermediate Walt's Run OPEN
intermediate Whiskey Jack OPEN
advanced Bib's Bumps OPEN
advanced Chute OPEN
advanced Deer Park CLOSED
advanced Face OPEN
advanced Hot Dog OPEN
advanced Lower Deer Park CLOSED
advanced Moonbeam OPEN
advanced Show Off OPEN
advanced Southern Cross OPEN

Gondola (Gondola) OPEN

Powder Gulch Express (Express) CLOSED
novice Aunt Gladys CLOSED
novice Bergerstrasse CLOSED
novice Last Chance CLOSED
intermediate 25 North CLOSED
intermediate Bucked Off CLOSED
intermediate Campbell's Loop CLOSED
intermediate Eldorado CLOSED
intermediate Fearn Gully CLOSED
intermediate Gypsy Queen CLOSED
intermediate Just Dandy CLOSED
intermediate Robson Street CLOSED
intermediate Sunny High CLOSED
intermediate Sunny Ridge CLOSED
intermediate U2 CLOSED
intermediate Wee Willie CLOSED
advanced Black Bear CLOSED
advanced Black Pine CLOSED
advanced Blue Moon CLOSED
advanced Bon Diablo CLOSED
advanced Caliper Ridge CLOSED
advanced Canntastic CLOSED
advanced Cat Man Do CLOSED
advanced Davidson's Delight CLOSED
advanced Eldorado Bumps CLOSED
advanced Here's Joe CLOSED
advanced High Lead CLOSED
advanced Hinky Heights CLOSED
advanced Holy Smokes CLOSED
advanced Hurtzwinkle's Delight CLOSED
advanced Judd's Run CLOSED
advanced Larch CLOSED
advanced Minerva CLOSED
advanced Nirvana CLOSED
advanced No Knees CLOSED
advanced Normania CLOSED
advanced Northern Lights CLOSED
advanced Paradise Glades CLOSED
advanced Pipeline CLOSED
advanced Quicksilver CLOSED
advanced Raven CLOSED
advanced Robilliard's Rush CLOSED
advanced Sunny Glades CLOSED
advanced Uncle Buck CLOSED
advanced Where's Bob CLOSED
advanced White Elephant CLOSED
advanced Zypper CLOSED
expert Aabye Road CLOSED
expert Alder Point CLOSED
expert Chute 5 CLOSED
expert Doognog CLOSED
expert Free Fall CLOSED
expert Gong Show CLOSED
expert Gowabunga CLOSED
expert Headwall CLOSED
expert Kassanova CLOSED
expert Kirkenheimer CLOSED
expert Monty's Matrix CLOSED
expert Russty Whistle CLOSED
expert Spirit Bowl CLOSED
expert Stardust CLOSED
expert Three Wise Men CLOSED

Silver Woods Express (Express) OPEN
novice Silver Fox OPEN
intermediate BX Express OPEN
intermediate Baker's Acres CLOSED
intermediate Cloud 9 OPEN
intermediate North Star OPEN
intermediate Robins' Hood CLOSED
intermediate Roller Coaster OPEN
intermediate Running on Empty OPEN
intermediate Sherwood's Forest CLOSED
intermediate Shooting Star OPEN
intermediate Silver Meadows CLOSED
intermediate Simple Pleasure OPEN
intermediate Star Struck OPEN
advanced Chaos CLOSED
advanced Glade Runner CLOSED
advanced Mine Shaft OPEN

Silver Queen (Quad Chair) OPEN
novice Creekside CLOSED
novice OP 1 CLOSED
novice Silver Queen CLOSED

Alpine Meadows (Quad Chair) OPEN
novice Attridge Run Out OPEN
novice Criss Cross OPEN
intermediate Abbott's Gulch OPEN
intermediate DRS Express OPEN
intermediate Jimmie's Home Run OPEN
intermediate Ridge Run OPEN
intermediate Solitude OPEN
intermediate Split Decision OPEN
advanced Attridge Face OPEN
advanced Bus Back OPEN
advanced Fast Back OPEN
advanced Out Back OPEN
advanced Ridgeback OPEN
advanced Sore Back OPEN

Discovery Carpet (Magic Carpet) OPEN

Home Run Tee CLOSED

Adventure Centre Carpet (Magic Carpet) CLOSED

novice Bridle Path (Multi-Use) GROOMED
novice Dam Loop GROOMED
novice Knoll Loop (Multi-Use) GROOMED
novice Pond Trail GROOMED
novice Sidewinder GROOMED
novice Tin Tin (Night Loop) GROOMED
intermediate Bellavista GROOMED
intermediate Knoll Skiway GROOMED
intermediate Lower Tin Tin GROOMED
intermediate Meadow Trail GROOMED
intermediate Mountain View GROOMED
intermediate Night Loop GROOMED
intermediate Silver Streak GROOMED
intermediate Tin Tin GROOMED
advanced Beatle Juice GROOMED
advanced B.O.M. GROOMED
advanced Getaway GROOMED
advanced Gold Mountain GROOMED
advanced Heartbeat GROOMED
advanced T.J.'s Corkscrew GROOMED
advanced Vance Cut Off GROOMED
advanced World Cup OPEN
advanced World Cup Shortcut OPEN

novice Alder Point Loop GROOMED
novice Aquaduct GROOMED
novice Aquaduct Cut-off GROOMED
novice Criss Cross Nordic GROOMED
novice Cross Mountain (Early Season) GROOMED
novice Comin' Round the Mountain GROOMED
novice Paradise GROOMED
novice Pinnacles Trail GROOMED
intermediate Cabin Trail GROOMED
intermediate Comin' Round the Mountain Connector GROOMED
intermediate Howie's Loop GROOMED
intermediate Moose Alley GROOMED
intermediate Upper Paradise GROOMED
novice Bridle Path (Multi-Use) OPEN
novice Knoll Loop (Multi-Use) OPEN
novice Tin Tin (Night Loop) OPEN
intermediate BX Creek OPEN
intermediate Chakra OPEN
intermediate Crack of Dawn OPEN
intermediate Mountain View OPEN
advanced Bob Cat OPEN
advanced Grizzly Adams OPEN
novice Bridle Path (Multi-Use) OPEN
novice Knoll Loop (Multi-Use) OPEN
novice Roseanne's OPEN
novice Tin Tin (Night Loop) OPEN
intermediate Bob Cat OPEN
intermediate BX Creek OPEN
intermediate Chakra OPEN
intermediate Chaton OPEN
intermediate Crack of Dawn OPEN
intermediate Grizzly Adams OPEN
intermediate Margarita OPEN
intermediate Mountain View OPEN
intermediate The Meadows OPEN
advanced Brian's Trail OPEN
advanced Eric's Trail OPEN
Tube Town Magic Carpet (Tube Town) OPEN