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Ticket reminder - Thu 6th is SOLD OUT & Fri 7th has Limited Tickets Available. Tickets are still available for Sat, Sun and Mon.

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Find the right pass for you

We want you to get the best price possible. Find the best option for you and save!

Summer Passes

Your style of riding isnt the only freedom you have at SilverStar Bike Park. We have options to help you SAVE depending how long you plan to ride.

Regular on the trails: Grab a season pass!

Here for a few days:  A Ride Card is a great option!

Only here for one day: Prepurchase your ticket online to save! 

Winter Passes

Best option for me?

Skiing 8 days or more this season: Purchasing a Season Pass is your best option! Have the freedom to come and ski as you please all season long. 

Skiing 3 + days throughout the season: A POW Pass may the pass for you! Discounted any day 3 and 5 day ticket (with geographic restrictions) let you ski from as low as $84 per day with NO blackout dates!

Only coming up a day or two: Purchase your dated online day ticket now before discounts go away at Peak periods!


A pass is your best value for money and depending on what pass you buy will give you unlimited access to or multiple days of adventure. Skip the line at the ticket office and get straight onto the slopes! 

Multi Day Products POW Passes & Ride Cards

Discounted 3 or 5-day pass option. Ride any day of the season for a cheaper rate! No black out dates plus top up options! 


Pre-purchase your tickets online and save time & money! Note online discounts don't apply during Peak periods.

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